Bina Moghaddam received a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1996 from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California, and a DAOM degree in 2008 from Five Branches University. She has had extensive apprenticeships with several masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Dr. Miriam Lee. She practices her own unique style of acupuncture treatment combining the trainings she obtained from her mentors, and treats a broad spectrum of ailments, including general internal and preventive medicine, pain management, gynecological diseases, weight management, and cosmetic and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.
Ching Ching Chi is a DAOM Fellow, PhD Graduate of Zhejiang TCM University and licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California. She is a student of Professor's Fan Yongsheng, Fang Benzheng, and Wang Juyi, the most distinguished acupuncture physicians and herbalists in China. She specializes in pain management, diabetes and its complication, stroke rehabilitation, cancer care and autoimmune disease. Ching is currently teaching in the Departments of TCM Theory and TCM Acupuncture.
1991 年於遼寧中醫大學針灸系畢業,並獲得醫學學位。她在丹東婦幼保健院擔任两年住院醫生後,開始攻讀三年制的碩士學位,研究針灸對甲状腺疾病的治療。獲得碩士學位以後,她被任命為大學附属醫院的講師和主任。她在眼針,頸筋理論,和甲状腺疾病等方面發表了許多論文。
1982 畢業於中國青海醫科大學,之後由世界衛生组織和上海精神衛生學中心聯合擧辦的國際精神病學家培訓中心繼續深造,成為神經精神病學專家。他開創了與治療物質滥相關係列研討班,並在青海省建立了第一個物質滥用治療計劃。這個計劃為其参加者提供中西醫综合治療。 王教授在舊金山的中醫針灸學院獲得中醫碩士學位,並擁有加州行醫執照 , 與全國針灸和中草藥證書,並且是一位有執照的推拿師。
Florence Chen received her Masters’ degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in California, and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University. She is a licensed acupuncturist in both California and New York, specializing in women's health, neuromuscular medicine and pain management, and dermatology/external medicine. When not practicing or teaching, Florence enjoys skiing, snorkeling, and backyard barbeques.

Florence Chen teaches in the Departments of TCM Theory and TCM Herbology.
George Lu began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco in 1989, with the respected Angela C. Wu, L.Ac., where he built up a solid TCM foundation and learned to treat patients with HIV/AIDS and women with gynecological disorders. He received his Master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Medicine and Cultural Sciences in 1995, and interned at Shu Guan Hospital in Shanghai, China where he trained in Dr. Shi style Orthopedic Tuina. George specializes in sports injury, Tuina massage, and fertility.
浩文畢業於加州五系中醫藥大學,家母為文革時期的赤腳醫生,故從他小就與中醫有接觸。至2011年,他便開始跟隨不同領域的中醫大師學習,為他建立更穩固的中醫基礎。通過不斷學習與實踐,他學習到不同的中醫治療方法,有效地幫助疼痛,失眠, 消化功能失調及過重等患者。他精通廣東話,普通話及英語。
Hsinmin Chi earned a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from South Baylo University, California. His prior education included a Master of Science degree in TCM from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, California, a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University, California, and a M.S. degree in Physics from the University of Texas, Dallas.

He specializes in Pain Management, Anti-Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease and others.
内科醫師(中國), 中山醫科大學, 中國
凱撒醫院簽約針灸師, 疼痛治療中心, 加州
教授,加州中醫藥大學, 聖塔克魯斯,加州
中醫基礎理論係及中藥係主任, 加州中醫藥大學, 聖塔克魯斯,加州

自2010 年以来,她在浙江中医药大学位当地学生和国际生执教了多门课程: 中医基础理论、中医诊断、中药学、中医美容、 食疗和太极拳。

另外, 她是中国中医药学会美容分会的委员会委员。她在美国加州中医药大学取得了硕士学位。现在在加州中医药大学攻读临床博士学位。
专长: 中医皮肤科, 中医妇科, 各种痛症
自 1984 她協助創辦加州中醫藥大學以來 , 趙主任一直擔任我校的教務校長及臨床部主任。早 年 便立志投身於中醫事業 , 其叔父乃是一名醫 , 使她在孩提時代就對中醫充滿興趣。
趙 振平 畢業於上海中醫藥大學,攻讀中西醫結合專業。她師從名醫、針灸大師鲁修琰、和方源。此後,她在中美國两國傳授和 運用 中醫, 已近三十年 。她主攻癌症,免疫系統疾病和精神情绪疾患。
Judith Tognetti is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist. She received her Master’s and Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. Ms. Tognetti has studied with many famous acupuncturists throughout her career and has continued to increase her knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine. She is an active participant in the field of reproductive medicine, and has been included as an expert in panel discussions on fertility as well as providing on-site care for patients in both fertility centers and hospitals. Her specialty is Women's Healthcare, including: OB-GYN, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause. Ms. Tognetti has extensive training in Sports Medicine and is currently finishing her Diplomate status in Orthopedic Acupuncture, and her Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She works as a master herbalist and medical consultant for Kan Herb Company in Scotts Valley, California. She maintains her commitment to the field through clinical research projects, has published many educational articles for both patients and the overall medical community, and is a member of Fertile Hope, Resolve, and ASRM. Judith Tognetti teaches in the Departments of TCM Clinical Medicine and TCM Clinical Training.
朱教授專攻疼痛治療,皮膚病和泌尿科疾病。憑藉多年臨床經驗,他運用多種中醫療法為病人制定综合中醫治療方案,包括中草藥,針灸,推拿,和艾炙等。業餘時間, 朱教授喜愛讀書,游泳和旅遊。 朱教授在針灸步部,臨床醫學和臨床培訓部任教。
露茜出身於醫學世家。曾祖父是一位中醫醫師。 露茜和她两個姐姐都在中國獲得西醫學位。 1961 年, 胡教授在中國瀋陽大學獲得醫學學位。 1982 年她從香港中國針灸醫學研究所獲得中醫畢業證書。在她三十年行醫的經驗中,一直專研兒科。
Phu Tran received his Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. He specializes in musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries.
Shawn Shangpeng Si received a Bachelor of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (2007), and a Master of Medicine in Clinical Medicine (2009) from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. From 2011-2013, he served as a Physician at the Healthy Service Center of Anzhen Community in Beijing, and from 2009-2011 he served as a Physician at Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital of Shandong Province. Shawn served as the President of the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2002-2004. Shawn is currently enrolled in the Five Branches University DAOM program. His hobbies include Tai Chi Chuan, music, photography, calligraphy and badminton.

Shawn Shangpeng Si teaches in the Department of TCM Clinical Training.
After completing massage certification, Thomas found energetic medicine to be his passion, and by 1999 he was deeply moved to the study and practice of Medical Qigong. By 2006, he completed the highest level of training and certification available from the International Institute of Medical Qigong and Henan University of TCM. While studying in China on five separate occasions, Thomas received lineage into the Dragon Gate sect of Daoism at Qingchengshan (青城山) in Sichuan. Through these experiences, and his deep commitment to the practices, Thomas has absorbed and embodied the essence of energy medicine and transformation. He specializes in Medical Qigong.
Tonghua Yang is a professor at multiple TCM universities and served as the Director of the TCM Society in Washington. He successfully established the first Chinese acupuncture center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thousands of patients have been healed through his treatments, including members of a National Champion Football team, a National Hockey Championship team, and Olympic gold medalists. Patients praise the remarkable efficacy of his treatments.
朱文英教授畢業於上海中醫藥大學,並擁有近 30 年的針灸和中藥治療經驗。除在加州中醫藥大學任教之外,也在加州弗里蒙開設自己的診所。她專攻婦科與疼痛治療,並擅用針灸治療神經内分泌系統所引起的各類疑難雜症。 朱教授在臨床陪訓部任教 .
Xiu Fen Pan received her Doctor of Medicine degree from China Medical University in Taiwan. She studied with Professor Zhang Yang and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in public hospitals in Taiwan for over ten years before moving to the United States. She is currently enrolled in the Doctoral program at Five Branches University.
Dr. Yi Sun Xiong served as a TCM Internal Medicine professor and chief physician at the Shanghai Longhua TCM Hospital. She is known as a famous complex disease specialist with over 40 years of experience. She has used unique Chinese medicine methods for the treatment of infertility, successfully making infertile couples happy parents. Dr. Xiong has many years of experience and research in treating senile disorders. Her specialties include chronic bronchitis and asthma, acute and chronic colitis, viral myocarditis, Hepatitis B, diabetes, and recovery of post-surgery or post-chemo cancer patients.
邱渝雯, 执照针灸师,1997年获得美洲中医学院中医硕士学位;1993年中山医学大学医疗技术专业本科毕业;1999年成为加州执照针灸师;1999年在美洲中医学院诊所工作;2000年自行开业至今;2004年任我校圣荷西校区主任。现任美洲中医学院招生办主任;美洲中医学院和加州中医药大学诊所主管;奥克兰higland医院针灸师。

Yuemiao Fang received his Medical degree from Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medical College, and his Master of Science from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology in China. He specializes in Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Immune Deficiency, and Mental Health.
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