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Boosting Patients’ Immune systems: Newsletter, May 2021

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Spotlight on Our Graduates: Kieran Jones

“I can’t believe it’s been more than ten years since I graduated from Five Branches University,” says Kieran Jones, who practices in Petaluma and Cotati, California. He describes his clinics’ successes intertwined with plenty of setbacks. In his own words here are the most important ways to cultivate success in our field.
 “Most of the success I’ve enjoyed has been from being in the right place at the right time. When opportunities arose, I was lucky in that I was in a position that allowed me to take advantage of them.  Most recently, when Covid-19 strained the sustainability of most clinics, we were lucky in that we could be flexible and act on opportunities that presented. We had in the past gotten a few patients through worker’s compensation referrals from local physicians. When all of our cash patients stayed home for a year we were able to pivot to develop this established referral stream. We kept the lights on by taking care of our essential workers injured on the job. It worked better than expected. In September we broke our previous income record.”
Kieran tells us, “The main advice I’d have for anyone trying to make a go in this business is to try and position yourself such that when a new opportunity arises you’re able to take advantage of it. Give yourself options and hold capital and time in reserve.” Doing this, he says, and keeping yourself mentally rested, will help you “Act and not react.”
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Reducing Covid-19 Anxiety: Newsletter, April 2021

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Reducing Covid-19 Anxiety

Our Exclusive Webinars April 17 & 24

Please join us for a short complimentary webinar on reducing general pandemic anxiety (Sat., April 17), and tips for TCM practitioners to treat Post-Covid19 syndrome (Sat., April 24). Living through this pandemic has numerous effects, whether you personally were affected by Covid or not. Our familial and community vulnerabilities hit home this last year, and economic insecurity has long-lasting effects as well.
Come learn

  • What the source of most stress actually is
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and points to treat Post-Covid19 symptoms
  • Answers to your questions at our Q&A!

Watch the trailer: April Webinar: COVID-19 and Anxiety

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Stop AAPI Hate

Five Branches University, Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, joins together to support our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members against the recent waves of hate crimes, burglaries, assaults and insults towards the AAPI community.

Five Branches University builds on and is dedicated to the culture, knowledge and skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have invited hundreds of Asian and Asian American faculty, have graduated hundreds of Asian and Asian American students and employ dozens of Asian American staff. We respect and owe deep gratitude to Asian culture and the AAPI community.

We write in response to the current global wave of prejudice, and in support of the communities dedicated to fighting against oppression, and for justice and equality for all. Five Branches University is committed to an inclusive University for all. Hateful speech or actions expressed against any group based on their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identification, or national origin have no place at Five Branches at any time. If a member of our community experiences discrimination, please seek assistance by contacting the University Dean.

Phone: (831) 476-9424 x207

Careers Open to Acupuncturists: Newsletter, March 2021

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Many Careers are Open to Acupuncturists

Did you know there are a multitude of career opportunities for acupuncturists, including starting your own private practice, joining an integrative medical facility, getting hired at Kaiser or Sutter or Modern Acupuncture, getting hired at a spa or yoga studio, teaching at a university, working at an herbal dispensary, or even traveling the world to assist in dire situations for Acupuncturists Without Borders?

Our practitioners are equipped with paramount levels of education for acupuncture, herbal formulation, Chinese dietary advice, and even marketing skills, so you can get started on your career path right away.

We encourage you to consider what type of practice you might want to have once you are an acupuncturist (and keep in mind our DTCM/DAOM/Bridge Doctoral programs offer added benefits since employers often prefer more initials after your name)! Visit Paths to TCM for more information on the many different transformations your career can take, and has already taken our alumni.

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Education Continues: Newsletter, February 2021

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Education Continues During A Pandemic

Embracing the safety and the well-being of students and faculty in providing patient-care, education at FBU continues with high safety measures and careful adoption of various formats, including online education to achieve teaching objectives to promote upkeep of clinical skills and knowledge.
RSVP to discover! On February 21 at 2pm Pacific time, join us for

  • General information about the program
  • A graduate and a senior student testimonials
  • Clinic operation in light of the COVID-19 regulations
  • Small groups for Q & A

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Newsletter & Happy New Year, January 2021

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New Year’s Resolution: Stress Less

This year as we celebrate switching over to 2021 with just our own company or with our small ‘pod’ of folks, let us try to bring in extra warmth and acceptance after a very difficult time. If you generally feel extra stress during darker and chillier months, consider adding these to your self-care regimen:

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Newsletter & Seasonal Greetings, December 2020

Seasonal Greetings from Five Branches University

Chinese Medicine to Soothe COVID Anxiety

To put it mildly, 2020 has been a strange and challenging time for all of us here in the U.S. and around the world. One year ago scientists became aware of the first cases of the novel coronavirus, and the global infection rate led to so many months of isolation and permeating fear it is difficult to recall what life was like before. Remember you are not alone if you harbor a deep wariness from this pandemic. Hopefully your anxiety has decreased over time, while you have also stayed vigilant about prevention. … Continue reading

Faculty Snapshots

Selected from a community of prominent Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine practitioners, teachers, authors and international lecturers in the United States, China and Taiwan, the faculty at FBU is dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and provide a supportive learning environments, both in academic and clinical experiences for students to graduate as competent TCM practitioners.
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The Charm of Our Santa Cruz Campus

Five Branches University has two campuses that lie about forty miles apart. The Santa Cruz Campus is located just a block from the ocean. It’s just a short walk to Twin Lakes State Beach. The San Jose Campus is in north San Jose, the largest city of the innovative Silicon Valley.

Join Our Events

We allow students to take classes at both campuses. This gives you a lot of flexibility as far as timing. If you need to work, and the class that you need is taught at the other campus at a better time that is more convenient for you, you can do it. It’s just that you need to declare a home campus and then you have to take the majority of your classes in that home campus. But if occasionally you need to take the class at the other campus, then you can definitely do that.” … Continue reading

Standing Together

Dear Five Branches University Colleagues 

In these uncertain times, our nation is faced with multiple crisis all at once. In the wake of George Floyds murder by Minneapolis police, there has been a worldwide outpouring of remorse and rage at the perpetuation of anti-Black violence and discrimination from all corners of American society and institutions. Coupled with the challenge of the global pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted the Black community in the United States, we are shocked. Five Branches University fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We demand changes for equal rights and justice. We need fundamental change in culture to manifest this. … Continue reading

Telemedicine Services

For Appointment setting, please

San Jose (408) 260-8868
Santa Cruz (831) 476-8211

9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Or, We will Call You Upon Your Request:

We now offer Phone and Video Appointments.



  • Five Branches is expanding Telephone Appointments and Video Appointments
  • You can now LiveChat or phone call with our service staffs and practitioners
  • Please call our Call Center from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Phone numbers: Santa Cruz (831) 476-8211 or San Jose (408) 260-8868


    • If you are having a medical or psychiatric emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital immediately.
    • Existing appointments may be rescheduled to telephone or video appointments
    • Both the private clinic and the teaching clinic are available with Telemedicine services.

The State of Five Branches University during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Five Branches University is closely monitoring COVID-19. This is a rapidly evolving situation and we are doing everything in our power to support those who are affected including students, patients, faculty, staff and the general public. Below you will find what we are doing in each sector of our campus to ensure the safety of everyone involved in Five Branches University and Health Services.

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Paths to TCM

Whether or not you have a background in healthcare, our program strives to equip students with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture knowledge required for competent care and management of modern patients. Who are those studying at Five Branches University? What motivates them to invest their time in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture? Catch a glimpse of our student and alumni population. Get inspired by the experiences they have and begin where you’re at!
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Coronavirus: TCM Prevention Against Infection

Watch the video archived

Lunchtime Student Forum:
Coronavirus: Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention Against Infection
– Prepared for the TCM Students and Practitioners

Live Broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.
Time: 12:00pm noontime, March 2nd, 2020

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A Chinese Proverb says, “The superior doctor prevents sickness…”.
In face of the Coronavirus outbreak, what role can TCM play in prevention and treatment? What measures can be taken to reduce the chances of infection? Learn how to take better care of yourself and your patients.
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Military Veterans, An Opportunity to Study TCM and Acupuncture

If you or your dependent is a veteran with an undergraduate degree, Five Branches University makes education accessible to you.  Our DTCM/MTCM program offers Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Acupuncture degree, academic classes and clinical training included and the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, and Yellow Ribbon can be arranged to cover your tuition fees and other benefits.

To get started, please read our Veteran Education Policies. For specific questions, fill out our contact form and an Admission Adviser will contact you.  We are glad to talk with you about the benefits eligibility, financial aid, and how to navigate the admissions process.

At Five Branches University, our top priority is to prepare our graduates to become exceptional practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our nationally accredited degree programs provide students with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, the latest TCM research, extensive clinical training, and comprehensive education in integrative medicine.

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作為三十多年在中醫教育方面打拼的學校,加州五系中醫藥大學很興奮地看到大家朝向陽光燦爛的大團結大聯合方向進展。在美國,中醫針灸中藥等療法,本是外來醫療文化,幾十年來在前輩同仁的積極宣導、用心治療服務病家,受到美國民眾的喜愛和支持,連政界人物也幫助宣傳和立法,州長Jerry Brown就是最早最得力的推助者,使針灸治療在他的第一任期的州長職務中,使之在加州合法化!從此針灸治療在加州全面開花,受益病家萬千。更帶動影響各州,使幾乎沒有副作用的中醫針灸治療推向全美國,推向全世界。

今年更是喜訊連連。首先,全世界醫學界普遍應用的ICD code 的新版⋯第十一版,將有一整套以中醫名詞以及中醫臨床診斷和治療的名稱,今後,全球的醫療機構都會用上,對病人的醫療保險的中醫針灸部分更有保障;為今後的中醫藥的研究工作,大數據的開發積累運用上,將會起到一個飛躍發展的作用。








體驗中醫五系 2019

加州五系中醫藥大學在矽谷灣區, 站在中醫教育與中醫臨床診療的前線上達三十四年,豐富的經驗能提供您專業的中醫五系知識學習環境,學習中醫成為一名執照中醫針灸師不但能照顧自己及親朋好友、更能幫助許許多多的人,是一份值得投資一輩子的事業。

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Earn Your Doctorate and Masters at the same time

Five Branches University now offers its new Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a dual degree – DTCM/MTCM. This allows students to complete a single 4-year program, and earn both the Doctoral and Master’s upon graduation. The DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree minimizes study time, grants financial aid, and allows students to sit for both the California licensing and National certification exams.

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中醫典範!加州五系資深教授- 朱文英中醫師(Julie Zhu,L.Ac)

朱文英中醫師(Julie Zhu,L.Ac)

我永遠記得當我開始學習中醫時,巨大的中醫謎團經常地使我感到困頓和迷惘,數度看著課文與講義發呆好久,根本不知道自己還念不念的下去,想著也許很快我就要放棄中醫學習;但在大班見習課上,當我看見這位老師以她優美又充滿自信的精湛醫術,親切地,輕鬆地幫助來診的每一位病人帶著笑容離開診療室。對當時的我來說,她已經超越了ㄧ名優秀中醫師的身分,而像是一位魔術師,開啟了生命的更多可能和能量!也是因為她,讓我對中醫產生了莫大的希望和學習動力,因而讓我堅持了下來,如今也才有這個寶貴的經驗可以在這裡寫下這一篇專訪文,我感到莫大的榮幸!能夠與這位老師學習,不但是中醫浩瀚無垠的學識,更重要的是學習如何成為一位好的醫者,為身邊的人們與為周遭環境做出貢獻,為自己的生命存在刻畫下更多有意義的時刻。這一位中醫典範是誰呢?她,正是加州五系資深教授之一的朱文英老師(Dr. Julie Zhu)!
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遇見好中醫~加州五系白金級臨床中醫專家-朱文英 L.Ac


一個15歲的青春少女正處在她人生的特別時期,那應該是充滿活力,編織夢想,歡笑愉快,探索世界的大好時光!不過對這位正坐在朱文英(Julie Zhu L.Ac)教授面前的少女莉娜(化名)來說,所謂的青春期根本不是那麼回事!


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Acupuncture School on Point!

Nothing proves the point more sharply than a well-placed needle, a well thought out treatment strategy, and a quickly recovered patient.

“What was the most amazing thing that you have witnessed with acupuncture?” the person lying face down had just learned that I am a student of Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University and that I had practiced acupuncture in Johannesburg, South Africa, for almost twenty years. … Continue reading

加州五系中醫志士: Debbie

『加州五系中醫志士 焦點人物系列故事專訪』第五篇:

{{讓你的夢想帶著你去飛行,小女子,大飛鷹-Baby Tree Girl, Debbie}}

你是否曾經仰望過那一棵棵大無畏向天奔長的樹枝,想像著那片最高最遠的葉子是否特別光亮或堅強?又是否曾經低頭尋找潛藏在泥草裡的彎曲樹根,想像著那最深的根尖是否嚐得到地底清泉的甘美和純淨?而你又是否曾經靠近端詳那粗糙厚實的樹幹,想像著既要撐起那片綠油油的樹天是多麼沉重,還要忍受那樹根群力大無窮的往下拉扯,卻還屹立不動,幽雅筆直,靜默地看著時光荏苒,物換星移。樹木,是地球的心臟,自盤古開天之前便已存在,直至今日,從未改變他們生活的方式,並且以他們獨有的律動和節奏傳遞著生命的智慧與地球的脈動。人們總說:十年樹木,百年樹人來比喻人才培育之重要和不易,同時間亦更引伸出人才的寶貴與值得珍惜。而在加州五系,我遇見了一位Baby Tree Girl-Debbie。與她的相處時光,總令我如沐春風,她嬌小的個頭竟也總帶給我深刻如巨人般的平安與安全感,因為在她的年輕洋溢中更多的是對人性關懷的至情至真,經歷生活波折磨練後的雋永智慧,如同一棵靜靜佇立在屋邊的美麗之樹,為這屋添上了溫暖幸福,讓這片方圓之地充滿療癒和正面力量。 … Continue reading



“我們在畢業前都經過了嚴格的培訓,特別是在加利福尼亞州且就讀於加州中醫藥大學的學生,都經歷了這個超過3200學時的課程粹煉。你可知道,我們不僅是具 備針灸、中藥、推拿、氣功、食療和食補…等專業知識的傳統中醫大夫,我們同時也是以(加州)第一線保健醫生(Primary Care Physicians)的身份畢業。 再次強調,我們是能跨界於中西醫學之間的人。我們是能夠一步一腳印、填補專業間隙、橋接所有領域的人。”

— Melinda Phoenix, 美國加州中醫藥大學 2016年度中醫碩士班畢業感言
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中醫藥兩大領導品牌 聯袂共建產學合作


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加州五系中醫志士: 百會道長,Victor





當他的公司被Cisco併購後,兒女也已獨立,離家打拼,道長開始有了許多悠閒時光。這段"空巢期"讓他開始思考,自己人生的下一步該往哪個方向走? … Continue reading

加州五系中醫志士: Winnie





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加州五系中醫志士: 海風

{{ 貫徹赤子之心,把生活當作挑戰遊戲,認認真真"玩"中醫的青年志士-海風 }}




之後漸漸地與海風熟稔以後,那時我才驚訝地發現,海風在中醫學習這一塊領域也不過才三,四年多,儘管他的母親在上海當中醫師,大學時期就已到美國念書的海風,對中醫其實並沒有太大興趣;當初在準備是否念大學或其他未來歸劃時,也完全沒有考慮中醫或相關領域,之後海風順利進入了維吉尼亞大學(University of Virginia),選擇科系時先後選擇了金融與會計兩個雙主修。 … Continue reading


{遇見:萬綠叢中那點紅,人群中美麗的獨舞女伶- 懿婷 }


數萬年以來,關於生命與自然和自我這層層疊疊的問題,抱著大大小小各式各樣的問號跟隨著時代一直不斷地運轉,運轉,無數人的萬千答案牽連出更多難以算計的問題。這個關於生命科學的大哉問答輪迴當中,有一個不為迎合世界只為追求生命平衡的女孩也同樣地努力,試圖推敲出一個能夠叫她信服的答案,她是那樣地清新脫俗,那樣地與眾不同,她低調地融入人群裡卻又以獨特眼界和方式行旅在世界各地,如同在一片姹紫千红中孤自存在的清綠女靈:她是,懿婷。 … Continue reading




除此之外,她也依然在她位於Palo Alto的私人診所努力幫助病人重獲健康;





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Enrollment Info Session for 2019 Spring (Online Video)

Watch the webinar on YouTube Streaming

Introducing our new DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree Program: Through a single program, earn your Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM/MTCM) Dual-Degree and become a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Students earn the Doctorate degree, and are given the Master’s degree that is required to sit for State and National licensing and certification exams.
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An Interview with Sarah Holloway, ND

For the second installment of our FBU student, alumni & faculty profile series, we sat down with senior Five Branches student and Naturopathic doctor, Sarah Holloway, at Twin Lakes beach to learn what it takes to be an Integrative Medicine practitioner in 2016.


“I feel like Chinese medicine gives me a great way to treat patients with chronic and complex illnesses because it provides a strong and scaffolded structure in which to categorize symptoms. When patients come in with conditions where no immediate diagnosis can be given, or a definitive answer of what they have and how to treat the condition, you really have to back up, look at the tissue states, the nuances of the presenting disease, examine whether there is excess or deficiency, hot or cold and start from there. It’s best to begin with just balancing what you see out of balance today, because if you try to fix the whole thing at once it can be overwhelming.”

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Cupping Therapy: An Ancient Chinese Therapeutic Technique With Modern Day Efficacy

The popularity of cupping has recently exploded with the recent images of Olympians, most notably USA swimming star Michael Phelps, covered in several dark colored circles on their bodies. Besides looking like they were attacked by giant octopi, these elite Olympic athletes and their trainers provide anecdotal evidence that it aids in post workout recovery, rehabilitates injured muscles, and most importantly, gives them a competitive advantage by allowing them to be in optimal physical fitness. Let’s go a little deeper than the superficiality of these marks and testimonials and look at the history and context behind this ancient East Asian medical modality. … Continue reading

An interview with Caroline Wilkerson

In this series, we meet with current students and alumni to get a deeper look into why they chose to study Chinese Medicine at Five Branches and dedicate their lives to being of service to those in need of high quality, holistic healthcare.

[Editor]] Hi Caroline, it’s great to meet with you today and learn a little bit more about you. Do you mind telling us a little bit about your background?

[Caroline] Hi, of course. My name is Caroline Wilkerson. I grew up Illinois. When I was 22, I joined the US Navy as a Crypto-linguistic analyst. I went to the Monterey Peninsula Defense Language Institute to learn Russian and then later Chinese. I moved to Hawaii to further learn Chinese language and culture with the Navy. While studying Chinese language and culture I fell in love with it. So many of my teachers were amazing. That was such a great experience. That was where I started digging deeper into Chinese Medicine and learning more. … Continue reading








  … Continue reading

Earn Your Doctorate and Masters at the same time

Thank you, everyone, for your passion and excitement for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We had a wonderful open house this past weekend on Saturday, July 23rd and on Sunday, July 24th. We hope that you enjoyed your visit with us. Whether you were able to attend, or if you were unable to, here are some great photos that we are thrilled to share.

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很高興與您分享:7/24於本校聖荷西校區舉辦的 [ 中醫學習一日體驗 ] 活動相當成功!





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加州五系中醫藥大學32年來,堅持最高教學品質,培育無數中醫精英;中文碩士班成功考照率高達99%,連續六年遙遙領先!加入我們,成就自己,是您最好的決定! … Continue reading


加州五系中醫藥大學非常榮幸地在北京同仁堂國藥有限公司,香港浸會大學中醫藥學院,北京藥用植物研究所的參與及支持下,共同合作,於日前, 在加州五系中醫藥大學的聖荷西校區成立了全美第一間,集中英文雙語教學的中藥學院!

新課程的重點將著重於中藥質量控制和培育,同時以臨床及文化主題等方面進行中藥專業人才的培育與訓練,也包括了中醫藥植物學,種植,加工,認證,和中醫藥現代化應用和國際法規等多方面的學科。 … Continue reading

Medi-Cal加入針灸治療,有效減緩 <<止痛藥成癮>>危機

加州五系中醫藥大學加州中部健康聯盟(CCAH)經過長時間的共同研議,從中醫觀點出發,擬訂出了一份以針灸和中醫藥為主要治療方法的痛症治療療程計劃書。 合作計畫開始於2014年夏天,在短短一年之內就有了相當明顯的成效,由加州中部健康聯盟轉介到加州五系中醫藥大學實習診所的慢性疼痛病人們,有超過 80%以上的病人疼等級和對傳統鴉片類止痛藥的依賴度都急遽降低。對中西醫雙方面來說,無疑地都是一個令眾人欣喜興奮的好消息!


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The Making of a TCM Doctor

The first U.S. hospital residency, numerous clinical externships, and two university health centers train Five Branches University students to be the best primary care doctors.

“In addition to the clinical training at the Five Branches University health centers, we provide offsite acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments to patients at the Mental Health Client Action Network, to individuals with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C at the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, to elderly patients at the Akiyama Wellness Center, as well as onsite veterans and community clinics. These exceptional clinical externships have prepared us Highland Acupuncture Residents with the skills and training necessary to deal with conditions ranging from colds & flus, pain, chronic illness and degenerative diseases to stress, insomnia, mental health and reproductive health disorders.”

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中西醫結合優化典範: Highland醫院 學生在院實習

Highland醫院 歡迎 加州五系中醫藥大學學生

Highland 醫院是加州AHS(Alameda Health System)中最具規模的醫院院所,AHS在全美國公眾健康與醫療照護體系中是宛如領頭羊的地位!多年以來,AHS對於促進美國公眾健康與提供耐心關懷和世界等級的專業醫療服務不遺餘力,並有著指標性的高度影響力;更重要的是,AHS集結了來自全美國重要的醫療培訓資源而成為一個具有相當專業程度的醫療培訓機構。AHS網羅了在醫學專業中不同分科的佼佼者,創造了完整並且具體實際的臨床教學環境。



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Chinese Medicine: Treating High Blood Pressure with Acupuncture

Researches from the Center of Integrative Medicine, U.C. Irvine in collaboration with East Hospital in Shanghai, China, and the Southern CA University of Health Sciences recently published an article on the long term effects of weekly electro-acupuncture on mild to moderate hypertension.

Researches from the Center of Integrative Medicine, U.C. Irvine in collaboration with East Hospital in Shanghai, China, and the Southern CA University of Health Sciences recently published an article in the Medical Acupuncture Magazine on the effects of electro- acupuncture on reducing blood pressure among patients with hypertension.

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Five Branches University Students Awarded Henan TCM University Scholarship

Five Branches University is one of only three TCM universities in the U.S. that were awarded the opportunity to receive a scholarship for advanced clinical studies in Henan, China.

This Chinese government sponsored scholarship is offered through Henan TCM University.  The University was founded in 1958 and is located in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province (north of Beijing).  It is one of the earliest established TCM universities in China and is the base for international promotion of Chinese culture and TCM including the qualification test department and education base of World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies. … Continue reading

2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine is granted to a Chinese Medical researcher

Groundbreaking and historical news for the Traditional Chinese Medicine community. For the first time in history, the Nobel Prize committee has granted an award to a Traditional Chinese Medicine researcher, Dr. Youyou Tu, for her work in Physiology and Medicine.

In response to failing Malaria treatments,  Dr. Tu and her team from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing created an effective alternative treatment using the Chinese herb Artemisia annua (Qing Hao Su 青蒿素). You can read more about this exciting development by clicking on the link provided:
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The World Health Organization Meets at Five Branches University for Field Trials on New ICD-11 Traditional Medicine Codes

On December 10, Five Branches University is honored to host the World Health Organization (WHO) at our San Jose campus for the field trials of the new ICD-11 codes which will include ™ Codes (Traditional Medicine).

ICD codes, the International Classifications of Diseases codes, is the international standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes. The ICD is maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO), the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations System.
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Five Branches University Offers Residency Internship at Highland Hospital in Oakland

Beginning January 14, 2016 Five Branches students will join LAc’s, MD’s and western medicine students in residency training in both the outpatient clinic and the inpatient wards in Highland Hospital, a leading community hospital in Oakland, California. This residency has been six years in the making and marks an important milestone for TCM students to receive hospital training. Students will receive orientations on hospital procedures and will have the opportunity to observe the treatment of hundreds of patients in outpatient and inpatient settings. We anticipate that this experience will open many doors for work after graduation.
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Five Branches University Launches New Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) Program

Starting in Spring 2016, students entering Five Branches University to become Licensed Acupuncturists and Herbalists will earn the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree. Students will also be granted the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree in order to sit for the National and State Certification and Licensing exams.

With this development, the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine joins other healthcare professions with an entry-level first professional doctorate degree — such as MD’s, DC’s, and ND’s.
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