Student Services

Five Branches faculty and staff work together, with not only a passion for the medicine, but a genuine interest in your well-being, personal growth, and success. This supportive and respectful environment is the ideal place to learn, heal and excel, and the reason Five Branches students have gone on to become successful and esteemed practitioners of Chinese medicine across the nation and internationally.

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The registrar’s office provides you with a number of services including: maintenance of school records, information on policies and procedures, grade reporting, preparation of transcripts, and certification of graduation.

Financial Aid

Our financial aid program can assist you with the financial costs of your education, including both tuition and living expenses.

Library and Research

For students working on patient cases or preparing for exams, our libraries are quiet havens for research and study. The library, on both campuses, is the information conduit of the University with over (5,000) books and journals about TCM and Western medicine.

Health Centers

Five Branches active health centers provide clinical education, as well as public healthcare. With 38 treatment rooms, herbal pharmacies containing over 500 medicinal products and expert clinical instruction, our modern facilities are places of learning and community service. Students and their families enjoy discounted prescriptions and services.

Career Development

Chinese medicine is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the growing field of integrative medicine, offering you many new and outstanding career options. Our Career Development department will prepare you to meet the needs of this growing profession by providing practice management classes and job placement assistance.

Career Development

While the majority of graduates from Five Branches University enter practice as sole proprietors, opportunities in integrative medicine, corporate wellness, academics, publishing and TCM research are continually increasing.

Five Branches provides students with the support, education and resources to move forward in their chosen career endeavor. We offer the following Career Development services:

Practice Management Courses

Specialized practice management courses are taught by experts in the field on how to start, manage, build, and sustain a practice. We also invite successful alumni to speak to students about their unique experiences in practice.

Career Development Fair

Five Branches University students participate in a Career Development Fair prior to the completion of their Masters degree. This requirement is fulfilled through a community health fair or a classroom outreach event where students demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of TCM to inform and recruit new patients. These events are a valuable opportunity for students to engage with the public, enhance their speaking abilities, and practice their TCM skills.

Career Resource Library

Practice management books, videos, and other valuable business resources are available in the library to help you establish a new career or start a successful practice.

Job Placement Services

An online database of professional opportunities connect employers with students. Graduating students can search for job openings, space to rent, integrative practice opportunities, and practices for sale.

Practitioner Directory

Five Branches offers alumni and doctoral students the opportunity to promote their practice online. Five Branches Alumni Practitioners can post their profile to receive the benefits of our web-marketing strategies.

Continuing Education Discounts

Continuing Education courses, and specialization certificates offered by our Extension department, allow alumni to expand the offerings of their practice and increase their knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Five Branches alumni receive discounts on CEU courses.

The doctoral program provides TCM graduates with a unique opportunity to study with experienced senior faculty from China and the U.S. and to develop advanced TCM knowledge and skills. Five Branches alumni receive discounts towards enrollment in the DAOM program.