Postgraduate DAOM Faculty

The faculty members of the Doctoral program have been carefully selected from the many renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teachers in the United States, China, and Europe. Many of our faculty descend from a lineage of TCM Masters in China and have over 40 years experience practicing and teaching TCM. Several have trained in China’s most prestigious TCM universities and hospitals, such as Shanghai University of TCM, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of TCM, Liaoning University of TCM, Tianjin University of TCM, Fujian University of TCM, and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. Our doctoral faculty also include seasoned medical doctors who teach academic and clinical Western Medicine classes.

Most of our instructors are fluent in English and Chinese speaking faculty are accompanied by competent translators. All of our Postgraduate DAOM faculty are experienced and successful, teacher-practitioners, and demonstrate a dedication to TCM and a passion for healing.

Advanced TCM Studies instructed by world leading TCM Grand Masters

Body Constitution & Traditional Chinese Medicine by Prof. Wang Qi

Activating Brain and Opening Orifices Acupuncture Therapy for Apoplexy by Xue Min Shi

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