Visit Five Branches

The best way to experience Five Branches University is to visit. We invite you to meet the individuals who are the essence of our community and to immerse yourself in the environment of our classrooms and health centers, rich in the beauty and culture of Chinese medicine.

We welcome you to explore our San Jose campus, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The San Jose campus resides in a modern high-rise office building located across from the prestigious Santana Row, within walking distance of sidewalk cafes, luxury shops and beautiful fountains. A welcoming courtyard leads you to the Health Center and University where our doctoral program provides licensed acupuncturists the opportunity to train with TCM and Western medicine experts from China and the U.S.

Campus Visit

A campus visit is the most effective way to get an up-close and personal look at the Five Branches community. Enjoy a personal tour to explore how comfortable the facilities and environment feels to you. Experience a free treatment in our clinic, observe our classes and clinical training, and meet the Postgraduate DAOM faculty, staff and students of Five Branches. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Postgraduate DAOM Program, the admissions process, financial aid, and to gain the information necessary to assist you with your decision to attend Five Branches University.

Info Sessions

Attend an Info Session, held regularly on the second Sunday of every month. Learn what makes the Five Branches Postgraduate DAOM Program distinctive from other programs, and become informed about the exciting growth in the field of Chinese medicine. Speak with Postgraduate DAOM staff to gain a better understanding of the program as well as the social community you will enjoy at Five Branches. Contact us to schedule a campus visit or to sign-up for an info session.

Request Information

If your schedule does not allow you to visit at this time and you would like to receive detailed information about the Postgraduate DAOM Program, you can obtain information online, via email, call the admissions staff, or simply request a catalog to review our program.

For more information about the Postgraduate DAOM Program please contact:

Robyn Sodders
Postgraduate DAOM Program Director
(408) 260-0208 ext. 255

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