Applying to Five Branches

Once you have made the decision to enroll in the Postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program you are now ready to begin the application process. With the MTCM or DTCM degree, you are also eligible to apply to our postgraduate DAOM program.

2020 Application Due Dates and Entrance Dates

Applications are reviewed throughout the year. New entering students are accepted on a trimester basis, in September, January, and May. Completed applications and supporting documents must be received two weeks before the entrance date to allow time for processing.

January 2020 Entrance (Spring Trimester)
Application Due Date: January 03, 2020
Entrance Date: TBA

May 2020 Entrance (Summer Trimester)
Application Due Date: May 01, 2020
Entrance Date: TBA

September 2020 Entrance (Fall Trimester)
Application Due Date: September 01, 2020
Entrance Date: TBA

FBU Alumni are eligible for 20% savings on your Postgraduate DAOM tuition. Details at Postgraduate DAOM Tuition and Fees

Academic Requirements

Standard Admissions
Applicants who have a Master’s degree (or Master’s level diploma) in TCM or Oriental Medicine from an ACAOM-accredited or ACAOM-candidate program, with at least 3000 hours, will be considered for admission to the Postgraduate DAOM Program.

Special Admissions
Applicants with the following educational background may be considered for special admission to the Postgraduate DAOM Program:

• Master’s degree (or Master’s level diploma) in TCM or Oriental Medicine with less than 3000 hours from an ACAOM-accredited or ACAOM-candidate program
• Master’s degree (or Master’s level diploma) in Acupuncture from an ACAOM-accredited or ACAOM-candidate program
• Apprenticeship route licensed practitioners with at least five years of documented full-time clinical experience
• Applicants who do not otherwise meet the criteria for standard admission with proper demonstration of experience equivalency.

Applications indicating a deficiency in education hours will be evaluated based on three factors: formal education hours, clinical experience, and the level of knowledge and skills in Western medicine. Applicants who fall under the Special Admissions category are required to take the 48-hour Introductory Western Medicine Module or the challenge exam to complete educational requirements for the Postgraduate DAOM Program. Applicants with a Master’s degree (or Master’s level diploma) in Acupuncture are required to satisfactorily complete the ACAOM’s Master’s core curriculum requirements for herbal training through an ACAOM-accredited Oriental medicine program.

Transferring Credit Earned through Challenge Examination or Achievement Tests
Students may petition to receive credit for the Introductory Western Medicine Module via a challenge examination. Upon qualification, you will be provided with the course syllabus to aid in preparation for taking the examination. The examination must be taken within the first three months of the program. The passing score for a challenge examination is 90%. This course can be challenged by examination only once. If you fail to pass the examination, you will be required to enroll in the course at the full tuition cost.

Credit via challenge examination is not permitted for other program related courses. Credit earned through assessment or achievement examinations at other Traditional Chinese Medicine schools are non-transferable. Transfer credit is not available for work or life experience.

Non-Matriculating Students
The admissions procedure and entrance requirements for non-matriculating applicants are the same as for degree-seeking applicants. Non-matriculating students may request a change of status to become degree-seeking students at any time during the program.

Part-time Students
Students who cannot commit to the full-time Postgraduate DAOM Program and plan on completing the program in more than two years are considered part-time students. Part-time students must meet with the Program Coordinator to plan their program of study, and complete the program within four years.

Transfer Credit
Limited transfer credit may be awarded for coursework from an accredited institution that supports the Doctoral program’s objectives and meets the standards for completion of the Doctoral program. No more than one-third of the credits beyond the Master’s level program can be transferred. Transfer credit is subject to 15% of the current Postgraduate DAOM tuition charge per transferred module.

Completing the Application for Admission

To be considered for admission to Five Branches University, the following items are required:

  1. Application Form: use your full legal name on all admission documents
  2. Passport-style Photograph: recently taken
  3. Statement of Purpose: one-page typewritten
  4. Resume: updated to present
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation sent directly to Five Branches University
  6. Official transcripts from all AOM and healthcare-related college/university coursework in university-sealed envelopes
  7. Copy of Master’s level diploma in TCM, Oriental Medicine, or Acupuncture
  8. Copies of California L.Ac. pocket license, state license or national certifications (if applicable)
  9. Copy of valid malpractice insurance (if applicable)
  10. Non-refundable $65 application fee, payable in check or money order to Five Branches University

Additional documents are required for international applicants. For more detailed information refer to: International Applicants.

For more information about the Postgraduate DAOM application process please contact:
Postgraduate DAOM Admissions

(408) 260-0208 ext. 255

Five Branches University
Attention: DAOM Admissions
1885 Lundy Ave, Suite 108
San Jose, CA 95131

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