Transfer Students

If you are a student enrolled in another DAOM Program and are considering transferring to Five Branches, you can apply for our Postgraduate DAOM Program as a Transfer Student. Five Branches University offers one of the best TCM educational programs in the United States. Our transfer policies ensure that a transfer student’s training from another school will meet the high standards of our Postgraduate DAOM Program.

Five Branches accepts transfer students who will be completing at least 2/3 of their DAOM degree at the University.

Transfer Student Application Procedure and Requirements

Transfer students follow the same application and admissions procedures as required of new students, in addition to meeting the transfer student requirements as listed below. If you are a Transfer Student, transferring to Five Branches University from another TCM college, you must submit the following documents along with the completed application:

  1. Cover letter stating your reasons for seeking a transfer from another DAOM program, and a list of the courses you wish to transfer.
  2. A letter of recommendation from a previous TCM/Acupuncture instructor, located at the DAOM program you attended.
  3. Catalog from your previous DAOM Program, stating its approval agencies and accreditation.
  4. Syllabus outlining the course content for each course you wish to transfer.

You must submit your admission application by the application due dates (two weeks before the start of each trimester) to allow ample time for review.

Upon acceptance to Five Branches, you will be informed of your placement in the Postgraduate DAOM Program, and an evaluation of your transfer credits will be completed by the admissions office. Only coursework completed at the doctoral level prior to enrollment at Five Branches, from an ACAOM-accredited or ACAOM-candidate school is transferable.

Transferring TCM Courses

Transfer credit will be accepted for TCM courses taken from a ACAOM-accredited or ACAOM-candidate DAOM Program, if the courses are equivalent in content to Five Branches Postgraduate DAOM Program courses.

Transferring Western Medicine Courses

Only western medicine courses taken at the doctoral level prior to enrollment at Five Branches may be transferred to fulfill part or the entire Postgraduate DAOM Western medicine requirement. Western medicine courses are transferable only from regionally accredited, degree-granting colleges, universities, or TCM schools at the doctoral level. Courses taken in a Doctor of Medicine program at a nationally-accredited or candidate university may be transferable.

Transfer Fees

A transfer fee will apply to the evaluation of all courses transferred into the Postgraduate DAOM Program. The transfer fee is 15% of the current tuition, per unit, up to a maximum of $200.
For more information regarding transfer student application requirements please contact:

Postgraduate DAOM Admissions
(408) 260-0208 ext. 255

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