DTCM/DAc Bridge

Take Your Practice to the Next Level – Become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine At Your Own Pace. Fully Online in English & Chinese

We have the bridge to a DTCM or DAc degree for LAc’s with a Master’s Degree! 100% Online and Asynchronous.

Offered in English and Chinese, the Online DTCM/DAc Bridge Program is an exciting opportunity for current practitioners to earn a doctoral degree. Created by expert faculty and course designers, and following the standards of the profession’s accreditor, ACAOM, the program emphasizes integrative care, systems-based medicine and professional development as they relate to the practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Program Overview

It’s an at-your-own-pace, on-demand format which tailored to those in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine field who want a high quality, relevant and convenient path towards earning the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) degree or Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) degree. This format allows you to study any time and anywhere during the week.

To apply, you can download the DTCM/DAc Bridge Program Admissions Form and Recommendation Letter Form from the page.

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English DTCM/DAc Bridge: Tom Dicklin

Chinese DTCM/DAc Bridge: Jessie Ding


There are three fundamental requirements for acceptance to the DTCM/DAc Bridge Program:

  • Master’s degree or equivalency.
  • You need to be a practitioner – whatever state you are in you need a license relevant to that state.
  • You need to be in practice. There are elements of the DTCM/DAc Bridge Program that require that you be in a clinical setting.

Clinical Training

The focus of the clinical portion of the program is consistent with the rest of the program, in that it emphasizes a need for strong roots in TCM practice as the basis for outstanding and effective integrative medical skills. At Five Branches we are proud to say that we hold the development of knowledge and skills in TCM as primary to the evolution and continued success of Chinese medicine.

DTCM/DAc Bridge Curriculum

FBU’s 315-hour DTCM/DAc Bridge Program’s focus is to lead TCM professionals to:

  • Develop integrative skills that can be used to take the next steps in your practice development
  • Build knowledge and skills to support the further evolution of Chinese medicine practice

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