DTCM/DAc Bridge Program FAQ

The Comparison Between the DTCM/DAc Bridge Program and the Postgraduate DAOM program

Program DTCM/DAc Bridge Program Postgraduate DAOM Program
Degree Entry level Professional Doctoral Degree Post Graduate, Terminal Doctoral Degree
How long is the program? 1 year 2 years
Units /Hours 16.5 / 315 hrs 62.07 / 1280 hrs
Tuition $8,505 $25,000
Alumni Discount Yes Yes
Student Loan N/A Available
CEU credit Yes Yes
Ways to deliver courses Academics Asynchronized fully online + optional synchronized online forums Hybrid (Synchronized Online and Classroom)
Program highlights
  • Quick easy path to Dr. title
  • Specialized in patient central integrative care!
  • Take classes on your schedule – No set class times
  • Introduce the system-base medicine
  • Emphasis on professional development *
  • Developing advanced TCM knowledge and skills
  • Achieving a medical specialization
  • Gaining valuable experience in research and teaching
  • Hospitals are looking for DAOM degree
  • Allows you to teach at all levels in TCM schools
  • Research includes a rigorous capstone
  • Prepares you for research careers
  • Qualifies you to apply for post-doctoral fellowship programs
  • Can concurrently be done with the PhD program in China
  • Develops a deeper understanding of the classics
  • Classes are taught by world known professors
  • Networking opportunities with professionals
  • Opportunites to do grand rounds with well-know practitioners
  • Opportunities to do International Grand Rounds
  • Develops your leadership skills

Other questions:

1. Is the DTCM/D.Ac Bridge (completion) program ACAOM accredited?

Ans: The Bridge program is a series of courses for students transferring into the DTCM or DAc program with a Master’s degree.

Upon completion of the DTCM/DAc Bridge Program the DTCM/DAc degree you will receive is accredited by ACAOM.

2. I am a L.Ac., but not from California, can I apply for the program? Is there any extra process?

Ans: Any licensed acupuncturist from any state can apply

3. May I get a license in California upon completion?

Ans: Upon completion of the Five Branches Bridge program, will not be eligible to take the California Licensing exam unless you have met the California standard for all of your education.

4. Does this program require you to do a lot of medical research along with your thesis and present to a panel?

Ans: DTCM/DAc Bridge Program students will learn how to locate and evaluate research findings with multiple intended outcomes. Students will be guided through a critical process of evaluating research findings to determine your use in patient communications as well as integration into patient care, the development of a treatment plan and use in guiding lifestyle and diet modifications.

There is no required thesis or capstone in the DTCM/DAc program, so the Bridge Program will also not have that as a requirement.

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