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Welcome to Five Branches. We are here to support you, address your questions, and give you the answers you need to enter the rewarding field of TCM. We will provide you with a thorough overview of the TCM profession, the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree program that leads to California licensure and national certification, and the career opportunities available in the field. We invite you to visit us, take a tour of our campuses, and attend an open house. We look forward to joining you in your discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Five Branches Students

Our program attracts students seeking to become TCM practitioners, those currently studying at another TCM school who wish to transfer to Five Branches, and international students who have a desire to study TCM in the U.S. Our students also include professionals seeking new careers, Western medical practitioners who wish to enhance their practice, and non-degree seeking students interested in studying Chinese medicine for the enhancement of their personal health and well-being.

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Five Branches University Santa Cruz and San Jose have received full 7 years accreditation for both the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine programs:
San Jose Campus | Santa Cruz Campus

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Representing diverse age groups with varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds, our students are self-motivated and dedicated individuals who consistently achieve the highest passing scores on both the California licensing exam and the national certification exams.

TCM and Integrative Medicine Program

The DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree Program include coursework representing the “five branches” of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuina Massage, Energetics (Qigong and Tajiquan), and Chinese Dietary Medicine. Western medical studies are an integral part of the curriculum, providing you with an understanding of Western diagnosis and pharmaceuticals, essential for appropriate patient care. In-depth clinical practice, beginning in your first semester and comprising one-third of the curriculum, allows you to work closely with highly skilled faculty to diagnose and treat patients. This integrative learning component allows you to comprehend and absorb the nuances of Traditional Chinese Medicine more completely.

Adaptable Curriculum

The Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dual-Degree (DTCM/MTCM Dual-degree) program is taught on a trimester basis and is presented in English at our Santa Cruz campus, and in English, Chinese and Korean at our San Jose campus. campus. You can obtain the Doctor Traditional Chinese Medicine degree in four years or enroll in additional classes to accelerate the program and finish your degree early. Enrollment on a part-time basis is available based on consideration and approval by the Academic Dean and Admissions Director.

Financing your Education

Five Branches University is an accredited institution of higher education approved to participate in federal financial aid programs. Our financial aid programs assist more than 80% of our students in meeting the financial costs of their education. The financial aid office can assist you to identify the sources of financial aid to best suit your educational needs. Financial aid programs cover tuition, fees, books, materials and a reasonable allowance for living expenses while attending school. Scholarships and work study programs may also be available.

Your Future as a TCM Practitioner

Upon completion of the TCM Doctor and Master’s program you will be prepared for both the national certification exam and the California state licensing board exam, necessary to become a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.). In California, LAc’s are considered primary healthcare providers qualified to accept standard health insurance, Medi-Cal (state health insurance), workman’s compensation, and personal injury claims for acupuncture treatments. A degree from Five Branches also meets the criteria to sit for the national board examination, enabling you to practice Chinese Medicine nationwide. Our graduates have become successful and esteemed practitioners of Chinese medicine across the nation and internationally.

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