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Oct 28, 2018
Medical Qigong II: Shengong Skills (Sunday Series) 32 Hrs / 32 CEUs (P) San Jose

Medical Qigong II: Shengong Skills (Sunday Series)

Thomas Leichardt, L.Ac
32 Hrs / 32 CEUs (P)
  • Sun, Oct 28, 2018
  • San Jose

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In Medical Qigong Level II, students are led through a progressive series of advanced Shengong (Spirit Skill) meditations and exercises. These exercises and meditations are specifically used for developing advanced intuitive diagnostic skills. The students also learn basic Medical Qigong treatment protocols and begin the initial phase of their Medical Qigong clinical experience by performing basic treatments on their fellow classmates. The basics learned in this class include using Medical Qigong for diagnosis and then using purging, tonifying and regulating techniques in the subsequent treatment.

If students are interested in continuing their education to Medical Qigong III and onward, it is highly recommended students to register for anatomy, physiology and TCM Theory I class concurrently.

About the Instructor:  Thomas has great passion for the inner alchemy practices found in Daoism and other eastern traditions, both as a vehicle for self transformation as well as a means to promote healing ranging from the physical to the spiritual. In 2006, he completed the highest level of training and certification available from the International Institute of Medical Qigong and Henan University of TCM. While studying in China on five separate occasions, Thomas received lineage into the Dragon Gate sect of Daoism at Qingchengshan (青城山) in Sichuan. In addition to Thomas' study and practice of Daoist medicine and healing, he also has a very close association with the great Indian saint Mata Amritanandamayi, better known as Amma, or the hugging saint. He serves on staff for her tours in North America and abroad, absorbing her deep wisdom and compassion for the human condition. Thomas currently teaches medical qigong, energetic medicine, and core mysticism, while offering energetic healing sessions to his students and clients. For more information about Thomas go to:

[CEUs Approval Pending]

*Total 32 CEUs (P) hours for LAc, RN, and CMT

*16 CEUs (P) for 10/28 & 11/18 (need to attend both days to qualify for CEUs)

*16 CEUs (P) for 12/02 & 12/09 (need to attend both days to qualify for CEUs)

To register for this course, please email Lykos Yang at or call the San Jose Administration Office at (408) 260-0208.

(Credit Card payment is subjected to additional 3% charge)

DISCOUNTS: 10% Early Registration (one month prior to beginning of the class), 20% FBU Alumni

Medical Qigong I and Licensed Acupuncturist
Sundays 10/28, 11/18, 12/02, & 12/09 9am-6pm
Cost: $580.00
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