Just as the Qi, or vital life energy, animates our bodies, it is the Five Branches faculty that breathes life into the curriculum.

The Five Branches faculty has been carefully selected from the many experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine teachers in the United States and China. Many of our faculty descended from a lineage of TCM Masters in China and have over 40 years experience practicing and teaching TCM. Many have trained in China’s most prestigious TCM universities and hospitals, such as Shanghai University of TCM, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Sun Yat Sen Medical University, Liaoning University of TCM, Fujian University of TCM, and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. Our faculty includes seasoned medical doctors who teach academic and clinical Western Medicine courses. All of our instructors are fluent in English and are experienced and successful, teacher-practitioners. The Chinese and Korean Master’s program faculty are fluent in their respective languages.

As a student of Five Branches you will learn from highly skilled and experienced teachers who bring a strong foundation of both Chinese and Western medicine into the classroom. You will have the opportunity to absorb their wisdom through direct teaching, and to observe the intangible qualities of compassion and caring in their interactions with patients. You will experience faculty who are passionate about Chinese medicine, interested in achieving academic excellence, and who are eager to assist you with your personal growth and success as a TCM practitioner.

The Five Branches faculty is a dedicated community of practitioners, teachers, international lecturers and published authors whose exceptional qualities are reflected in the skill and confidence of Five Branches graduates and in the school’s 30 year history of academic and clinical excellence.

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