President’s Message

Thank you for your interest in attending Five Branches University, Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Five Branches has fostered the academic and professional growth of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners for over 30 years. Our family of doctors, faculty and staff are dedicated to provide the highest quality education in the art and science of Traditional Chinese medicine. Our Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Asian Bodywork and Qigong programs are among the most highly regarded in the U.S. and abroad.

We invite you to visit our beautiful California campuses located in Santa Cruz and San Jose. During a campus visit you can meet our faculty and students, enjoy a free-treatment in our clinic and observe our classes and clinical training. You will see that our programs very closely parallel the learning you would acquire in China. As a student at Five Branches, you will train with doctors who have decades of experience teaching and practicing in China’s renowned hospitals and clinics.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the main healthcare modality for more than 20% of the world’s population and is the fastest growing primary healthcare in the U.S. Statistics indicate this consistent growth pattern will continue as Chinese Medicine is increasingly sought by Americans who experience its healing benefits. Significantly, the U.S. National Institute of Health has recognized acupuncture as a valid, effective method of healing. With hospitals such as Kaiser adding acupuncture to their integrative medicine departments, and Obamacare including acupuncture coverage in many states in the U.S., expansive growth in the field of TCM is inevitable.

TCM and Western Medicine differ profoundly, yet for more than 70 years they have been offered side-by-side in Chinese hospitals and universities. In the last five years, integrative medicine has made great strides in the United States. Major Western medical schools have begun to include courses in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and a recent survey shows that more than 50% of M.D.’s today support their patients seeking alternative therapies.

At Five Branches, we are continually expanding the scope of our Western medical curriculum to provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform as an effective primary healthcare practitioner, working in harmony with the wider medical profession. An atmosphere of academic excellence in the study of both Chinese and Western medicine, coupled with a thriving medical center allows you to gain experience working in a clinical environment, interact with many patients, and to become an exceptional integrative healthcare practitioner.

When you join the Five Branches community you become immersed in the 5000 year-old healing tradition passed down for generations in China. The mastery of this precious body of knowledge provides you with improved health and well-being, the ability to guide others to optimal health, and a fulfilling and prosperous career as a TCM practitioner.

We invite you to join us in this profound tradition of medicine and healthcare!


Ron Zaidman,
President and CEO

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