Center for International Medicine Education

After eighteen years of educational and medical relations with China, Five Branches University formally established its Center for International Medicine and Education. With a mission to promote cultural and professional exchange, the Center brings experts and students from the U.S. and China together to participate in international conferences and programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Integrative Medicine, Medical Administration, and Language.

The Center’s most continuous activity is its Study Abroad program which offers Five Branches students and TCM practitioners the opportunity to travel to Asia to receive specialized TCM and Integrative medicine training in an affiliated hospital and out-patient center at one of our five sister schools, in China, Taiwan or Korea: Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Liaoning University of TCM, Tianjin University of TCM, China Medical University, and Daejeon University. After training in the hospital, many participants make time to travel throughout China and Asia.

In April, 2004, the Center for International Medicine and Education, in partnership with Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, hosted their first international conference, Treating Difficult Cases with Integrated Medicine. Six representatives from Five Branches University, including eminent doctors of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, traveled to Hangzhou, China to present three research papers on TCM and Integrative Medicine.The Center invited leading doctors from Stanford University and the University of California San Francisco, along with other medical professionals from Europe and China, to attend the conference.

Also in 2004, the Center along with the Director of the Center for Education in Family and Community Medicine at Stanford University, organized a series of seminars on modern hospital administration. The seminars were presented to leaders of hospitals in Foshan, Chongqing and Shantou, China.

In Fall of 2008, Five Branches inaugurated two specialized medical centers: a Diabetes Center with Dr. Gan Ma of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Diabetes Center, and a Head Acupuncture Institute with Dr. Shunfa Jiao, the developer of Head Acupuncture in China. In 2012, Five Branches, in partnership with Dr. Shi Xuemin, inaugurated the new Stroke and Rehabilitation Center at both of our campuses in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California.

From 2008 through 2014, the Center invited several renowned practitioners from China to teach in the Doctoral program and practice at the Five Branches health centers.

For assistance or information on the Center for International Medicine and Education, please contact Vice-President of Academic Affairs Joanna Zhao, L.Ac, or President Ron Zaidman at (831) 476-9424.

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