Points of Excellence

For over 30 years, Five Branches University, Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine has set the standards for excellence in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education and healthcare.

Respected University

Recognized as one of the nation’s top TCM schools, Five Branches University provides the highest level of professional education and healthcare in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine in the U.S. and internationally.

Two California Campuses

You can choose from our two beautiful campuses in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California or attend classes at both to enjoy breathtaking coastal views or unique cultural city experiences. Both campuses offer plenty of sunshine and a diverse and progressive environment in which to live.

Health Centers

The Five Branches University Health Centers located in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California provide the best of TCM healthcare. Treating over 160 patients each day, our health centers are the ideal place for students to gain experience in a clinical environment and for TCM clinicians and doctors to provide exceptional healthcare to their patients. Our staff includes specialists in neurology, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, dermatology, immune-deficiency, ophthalmology, pain management, gastroenterology, and cardiology.

Master’s, Doctoral and Certificate Programs

Our nationally accredited Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM) and Postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Postgraduate DAOM) programs provide a strong foundation in TCM diagnosis, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, the latest TCM research, extensive clinical training, and a comprehensive integrative medicine education. Our Asian Massage and Bodywork certification program offers students the opportunity to receive both California and national massage certification.

Experienced Faculty and Clinical Experts

Learn from the most highly accomplished faculty in TCM education. Many of our doctors and teachers have decades of experience teaching and practicing TCM in renowned hospitals and medical schools in China and the U.S.

Integrative Medicine at its Best

Throughout the MTCM program, you will learn the ancient and profound principles of TCM diagnosis and treatment, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, along with the best of Western medicine. As a Postgraduate DAOM student you will strengthen your TCM knowledge and skills by learning advanced levels of traditional Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis, medical specializations, cross-referrals and the effective practice of inter-disciplinary medicine.

Extensive Herbology Training

Five Branches University is respected among TCM colleges for its outstanding herbology department. Among our instructors is Dr. Jeffrey Pang, the descendant of a famous Chinese herbalist. Our herb pharmacy contains more than 400 raw herbs, catalogued and stored in traditional wooden drawers, and over 350 patent formulas.

Specialty Certificate Options

As an MTCM student, you can receive specialty certification in Sports Medicine, Medical Qigong, Five Element and Tuina Massage to enhance and distinguish your TCM practice. The Postgraduate DAOM program offers advanced training by leading TCM specialists, medical doctors and educators to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to further specialize in their TCM practice in: Women’s Health, Neuromuscular Medicine and family medicine.

Study in China, Taiwan and Korea

Our Study Abroad program is one of the best ways to experience the authentic practice of TCM integrated with modern Western medicine. Travel to Asia to learn TCM from highly knowledgeable doctors and teachers and to receive extensive clinical training in a hospital setting, including earning a Ph.D. at our sister schools in Hangzhou, Tianjin and Shenyang, China.

Continuing Education

Our commitment to excellence in education continues beyond graduation with our continuing education programs. Bringing expert teachers and lecturers together, we offer a wide variety of high quality courses in advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine and provide certification in Asian Massage and Bodywork and Medical Qigong.

Financial Aid Programs

Five Branches University is an accredited institution of higher education approved to participate in federal financial aid programs for the MTCM, MAc, and Postgraduate DAOM programs. Our financial aid programs can assist you in meeting the financial costs of your education, including both tuition and living expenses.

Career Opportunities

Our professional partnerships with Stanford University, the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Kaiser-Permanente, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine offer you outstanding educational and career opportunities around the world. Careers in the field of TCM are growing and include: establishing a private practice, joining a group practice, working in an integrative medical center, and job opportunities in education, publishing, or research.

Whatever your career of choice, our career development department will guide and support you in pursuing your optimal career path, providing you with the business knowledge, skills and level of confidence required to become a successful Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Graduate Success

Our MTCM graduates consistently achieve the highest passing scores on both the California acupuncture licensing exam and the national certification exams. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to enroll in our Doctorate and PhD program, to apply for a top-paying position at a medical institution or to establish a successful TCM practice anywhere in the world.

Five Branches has turned out extraordinarily accomplished alumni who are leaders in every facet of TCM: practitioners, teachers, authors, international lecturers, consultants, and researchers. Access to these alumni offer you excellent networking opportunities for professional advancement.

We hope you will join us at Five Branches University for a truly distinctive educational experience and to discover the rewarding career path of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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