The Career Development Department was established to support you in starting, building and managing a practice or in establishing a TCM career.

There are many ways you can benefit from our programs:

  • Receive ongoing business consulting services to assist you in starting and managing your practice effectively and profitably.
  • Enroll in our practice management courses, seminars or workshops hosted throughout the year.
  • Share your expertise with others; teach a practice management class, write an article or participate in our speaker series.

The Career Development Department is interested in bringing members of our Alumni together to share insights and perspectives, to stimulate an exchange of ideas and to inspire. Your backgrounds and experience in the field are highly beneficial to other alumni and also to Five Branches students. We hope to facilitate this process by developing the avenues for you to connect with one another.

Please help us in this effort to bring together our alumni community. Please keep us updated of your career achievements and progress as a TCM practitioner and informed of your current email, phone and mailing address so we can stay in touch.

We look forward to your participation and utilization of our programs and services.

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