On Campus

The Santa Cruz Campus

Located along California’s scenic Central Coast, renowned for its beautiful beaches and redwood forests, Santa Cruz has the cosmopolitan appeal of a college town combined with the ambiance of a small coastal California city. Our Santa Cruz campus is located in a beautiful residential community, one block from the beach, on the Monterey Bay and close to the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. At the heart of the campus is the Five Branches health center which has provided exceptional healthcare to patients for over 30 years.

The San Jose Campus

In the heart of Silicon Valley, our San Jose campus is part of a contemporary, high-tech metropolis, home to major players in the world of technology including Google, eBay, Twitter and Facebook. The San Jose campus resides in a modern hi-rise office building, a short commute from San Francisco and the beaches of Monterey Bay, and within walking distance to 99 Ranch Market Plaza at Berryessa in San Jose. A welcoming courtyard leads you to the entrance of both the health center and the University.

Here is a list of amenities our campuses have to offer:

Health Center

Patients await their treatments in a beautifully designed reception area, while practitioners treat over 160 patients each day in our busy health centers. With a combined 38 treatment rooms, herbal pharmacies containing over 500 medicinal products, and expert patient-care and clinical instruction, our health centers are the ideal place to gain experience in a clinical environment and to learn how to provide exceptional healthcare to your patients.

Herb Room

The herb room is a fragrant experience. Walls lined with wooden drawers, full of Chinese herbs, emanate earthy aromas, as practitioners prepare herbal remedies for their patients in the traditional way. In the herb room you will meet with practitioners to learn first-hand how to use herbal medicines to effectively treat your patients.


Spacious classrooms and small class sizes provide the optimal environment for dynamic discussion and meaningful teacher-student interaction. The Santa Cruz campus has six fully furnished and equipped classrooms accommodating approximately 35 students each. The San Jose campus has eight fully furnished and equipped classrooms, providing ample instruction and meeting space to both faculty and students. Classrooms may be used for continuing education seminars and special presentations in fields related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Equipment and Materials

Standard teaching equipment is provided in every classroom including: tables and chairs, white boards, computer and overhead projectors, video equipment, anatomical models, acupuncture charts, and treatment tables for acupuncture training demonstrations. Classrooms used for clinical training are supplied with necessary acupuncture supplies such as treatment tables, sterile disposal acupuncture needles, heat lamps, electric stimulation machines, an herbal dispensary, and TCM reference texts.

Student Lounge

A place to rest, nourish yourself and socialize, the student lounge is fitted with comfortable seating, tables for study, a kitchen to prepare meals, wireless internet, and a bulletin board to check out current campus events.

Library and Learning Resources

For students working on patient cases or preparing for exams, the library is a quiet haven for research and study. You may use the library during its posted hours of operation and may check out library resource materials using your Five Branches Student ID card. Library Resources include computer labs, wireless internet, an online catalog, and other available learning resources. Upon your first visit to the library, you will be provided with a set of instructions and regulations for library use. For detailed information regarding library procedures and polices please refer to the Student Handbook or the Library and Research section of our website:https://fivebranches.edu/student-life/108

Administrative Offices

The open, friendly and accessible administrative team considers students their top priority. Whether you need assistance to review the curriculum, secure financial aid or to voice your concerns, our administrative staff is available to assist you.

Conference Rooms

Students, faculty and staff may reserve the conference room for confidential consultations and meetings.


Both of our campuses have free, ample parking to accommodate the needs of students that commute.

Local Favorites

At the Santa Cruz campus, one block from the beach, lunch breaks on the ocean are a favorite pastime. Enjoy one of the many restaurants within walking distance, pick up food at a local natural food store and have a picnic on the beach, or venture over to the neighborhood park, a great place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

The San Jose campus has a bountiful supply of restaurant choices. Located within walking distance to 99 Ranch Market Plaza, you will see many different restaurants that offer food from around the globe. Designed with a residential lifestyle, this part of San Jose offers students outdoor cafes, tree-lined walks, mini-parks, and great people-watching.


Transporting yourself to the Santa Cruz campus is easy with two designated free parking areas, numerous bike racks, and a bus stop directly in front of the student lounge. To obtain information on the bus routes in the Santa Cruz area go to http://www.scmtd.com

The San Jose campus is conveniently located near the Great Mall Mass Transportation Transit center, from there you may transfer to your destination with over 30 bus routes and VTA light rails making your commute to and from school a breeze. Coming soon is the nearby Milpitas BART station, which will open for operation in early 2017. To obtain information on public transportation in the San Jose area, go to www.511.org


The Five Branches University’s programs are non-residential and student dormitories or other housing is not provided. There are many available housing options in the area, from rooms available in a household to 3 bedroom-plus homes. Rentals costs range from $500 to $4500 per month based on size and location.

Five Branches University does not provide housing search assistance to students. If you are in need of housing we recommend you arrive in Santa Cruz or San Jose six weeks before the beginning of the semester. The distance between the two campuses is 37 miles. While it is possible to commute, you may wish to find housing closer to your home campus. For a list of resources to aide in your housing search go to:

SC Housing
SJ Housing

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