Five Branches University recognizes our alumni as valuable members of our community and perfect examples of our commitment to excellence. We are proud of our graduates who have gone on to become esteemed and successful practitioners, teachers, international lecturers and published authors. Five Branches reputation of providing a high quality TCM education is landing our graduates positions at medical facilities such as Kaiser-Permanente, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and at spas and resorts, such as the Westin.

Alumni Support

Our Alumni Relations coordinator is your personal contact to the administrative team at Five Branches and is available to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need. The Five Branches University Portal is a convenient way to access your academic records, update your contact information, and request copies of your transcripts.

In keeping with the university’s mission of increasing the growth and acceptance of Chinese Medicine in the U.S., Five Branches is committed to assisting you in the development and growth of your practice. Throughout the year we offer on-going practice management seminars, a practitioner directory and job placement services.

Practitioner Directory

Five Branches offers alumni and doctoral students the opportunity to promote their practice online. Go to the Five Branches Alumni Practitioner Directory and post your profile to receive the benefits of our web-marketing strategies.

Continuing Education

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University offers a range of options, many of which are structured so you can maintain your practice while you advance your education.

The doctoral program provides you with a unique opportunity to study with experienced senior faculty from China and the U.S., to develop advanced TCM knowledge and skills, receive a medical specialization, and advance your research and teaching skills.

Continuing Education classes and specialization certificates offered by our Extension Department allow you to expand the offerings of your practice and increase your knowledge in Asian Bodywork and Medical Qigong.

International travel to China, Korea and Taiwan, provides you with a unique opportunity to study directly with renowned experts in traditional Chinese medicine, while experiencing the adventure and beauty of traveling abroad.

Stay Involved

Five Branches University recognizes how important it is for you to stay connected, not only with the University but also fellow alumni. In order to help you keep in touch, Five Branches maintains an online alumni directory. The directory will allow you to easily find fellow classmates to share and network with to build your practice.

We encourage you to stay connected and involved and to share your knowledge and experience as a TCM practitioner with Five Branches students and others in the integrative health field. You can mentor a student by participating in our Externship program, give a presentation at the University, or write an article for the Five Branches Newscenter. You can also coordinate events in your community that students and other alumni can participate in; this is a great way to extend community beyond the campuses of Five Branches.

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