[10/17/2021] Redefine Health to Transform Lives: DTCM/MTCM Open House Event (online)

The Future Landscape of Healthcare – Be part of something bigger?
[Five Branches DTCM/MTCM Program]

Through a single program, earn your Doctor and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and become a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Just a job or a work that is meaningful with a purpose.

Aging populations and changing disease patterns in this age of technological advancements redefined the future of healthcare – a focus on preventive, restoration, and maintenance of health through primary care to achieve optimal health.

Discover how TCM practitioners also as primary healthcare providers direct the healthcare system with preventive medicine and health maintenance with the belief that our bodies have self-healing power – The Essence of TCM.


2:00 PM, Sunday, October. 17th, 2021
(Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

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