[04/22/2020] Webinar: PTSD East and West, Veteran and Civilian

Webinar: PTSD East And West, Veteran and Civilian

The webinar will be held Wednesday April 22nd at 10:30AM Pacific Standard Time.

This month’s lecture will be held online. This is part of an ongoing lecture series. Please bookmark this page to get regular updates on future lectures.

Western science has documented the link between emotional trauma and dramatic increases in mortality and morbidity. Chinese medicine is known for its holistic approach to illness–balancing body, mind and spirit. This presentation will explore trauma as a root cause of disease–and time-honored healing practices from the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine.

George Samuels, DAOM, L.Ac

George came to traditional Chinese medicine by way of extensive “travels on the water cycle”. Previous jobs include yoga, tai chi, meditation and massage instruction; hiking and international whitewater raft guiding.

In 1997 George moved to Santa Cruz to become a foster parent to a young nephew. That is when he began his formal studies of traditional Chinese medicine. Years of training in bodywork and movement arts (including CranioSacral therapy, Esalen massage, Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan) had prepared him for the rigors of his graduate education at Five Branches. A strong proponent of lifelong learning, George recently completed his DAOM degree at Five Branches in San Jose. His doctoral capstone was on acupuncture and neuroplasticity in the treatment of depression. He has also completed an integrative internship at Highland Hospital, a UCSF facility in Oakland, where his final presentation was on traditional Chinese medicine and PTSD. 

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