Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival

Join us for an exciting Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival at our brand new San Jose Campus! Attendees of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. On the same day, Five Branches University is celebrating the inauguration and grand opening of our new San Jose Campus and Health Center.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

1885 Lundy Ave., San Jose, CA 95132
Near Milpitas Great Mall (Map)

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Event Schedule

Please be noted: Limited spots are available for the Community-Style Health Care Treatment,and many event listed. If you are interested, please book the spots for you and your family ASAP.
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What are the Five Branches of TCM?

The “Five Branches” represent the fundamentals of TCM treatment and can be adapted into one’s daily lifestyle to achieve longevity and a balanced stress free life. The Five Branches are acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina therapeutic massage, energetic exercise like qigong and taichi, and lastly TCM dietary therapy.

TCM Festival Experience

An ample set of TCM-related activities are prepared such as TCM Diagnosis, Acupuncture & Massage treatment, Herbal Dietetic food tasting and preparation, Qigong and Tai Chi Demonstrations and interactive lectures. In one day, you will gain exciting ideas and resources in life quality improvement.

Free Health Care Services

Senior interns and faculty practitioners will be giving free treatments community-style. Treatments will include acupuncture and massage as well as TCM Diagnosis through tongue and pulse. These treatments will last 30-45 minutes, whereas those that receive massage will have 10-15 minutes per massage.

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