Boosting Patients’ Immune systems: Newsletter, May 2021

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Spotlight on Our Graduates: Kieran Jones

“I can’t believe it’s been more than ten years since I graduated from Five Branches University,” says Kieran Jones, who practices in Petaluma and Cotati, California. He describes his clinics’ successes intertwined with plenty of setbacks. In his own words here are the most important ways to cultivate success in our field.
 “Most of the success I’ve enjoyed has been from being in the right place at the right time. When opportunities arose, I was lucky in that I was in a position that allowed me to take advantage of them.  Most recently, when Covid-19 strained the sustainability of most clinics, we were lucky in that we could be flexible and act on opportunities that presented. We had in the past gotten a few patients through worker’s compensation referrals from local physicians. When all of our cash patients stayed home for a year we were able to pivot to develop this established referral stream. We kept the lights on by taking care of our essential workers injured on the job. It worked better than expected. In September we broke our previous income record.”
Kieran tells us, “The main advice I’d have for anyone trying to make a go in this business is to try and position yourself such that when a new opportunity arises you’re able to take advantage of it. Give yourself options and hold capital and time in reserve.” Doing this, he says, and keeping yourself mentally rested, will help you “Act and not react.”

Webinar: Stimulate Patients’ Innate Healing Power

Please join us on Monday May 24 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time, for a free webinar full of information for both acupuncturists and the general public, on recovering from Covid and boosting your immune system. We look forward to hearing Dr. Chi answer your questions in the Q&A at the end! Signing up below, or read the full info

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What We’re Tracking

  • CDC cautions against “hygiene theater” of deep-cleaning surfaces, instead urges vaccines and masks since Covid is almost exclusively airborne.
    For more, see Hygiene Theater
  • Hybrid teaching is happening now at Five Branches and many other schools and universities; experts say it’s likely here to stay “either because the pandemic will have a long tail or because professors and students will continue to want flexibility in course structure.”
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