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臨床醫生 (SC)

中醫針灸師 , 中醫碩士學位 , 全國針灸證書 , ?科醫師 ( 中國 )

1982 畢業於中國青海醫科大學,之後由世界衛生?織和上海精神衛生學中心聯合?辦的國際精神病學家培訓中心繼續深造,成為神經精神病學專家。他開創了與治療物質?相關係列研討班,並在青海省建立了第一個物質?用治療計劃。這個計劃為其?加者提供中西醫?合治療。 王教授在舊金山的中醫針灸學院獲得中醫碩士學位,並擁有加州行醫執照 , 與全國針灸和中草藥證書,並且是一位有執照的推拿師。
中醫針灸師, 執照西醫師 (中?)

朱教授專攻疼痛治療,皮膚病和泌尿科疾病。憑藉多年臨床經驗,他運用多種中醫療法為病人制定?合中醫治療方案,包括中草藥,針灸,推拿,和艾炙等。業餘時間, 朱教授喜愛讀書,游泳和旅遊。 朱教授在針灸步部,臨床醫學和臨床培訓部任教。
L.Ac., M.D. (China), DAOM

Stephanie He graduated with honors in 1985 from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She worked for thirteen years as a physician and instructor at the Tianjin University of TCM Teaching Hospital, one of China’s most prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals. During her tenure at Tianjin University she trained with Dr. Shi Xuemin on the treatment of stroke. Stephanie has published numerous research articles in nationally recognized journals of TCM. She is a professor at Five Branches University and a graduate of the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program.

自 1984 她協助創辦加州中醫藥大學以來 , 趙主任一直擔任我校的教務校長及臨床部主任。早 年 便立志投身於中醫事業 , 其叔父乃是一名醫 , 使她在孩提時代就對中醫充滿興趣。 趙 振平 畢業於上海中醫藥大學,攻讀中西醫結合專業。她師從名醫、針灸大師?修琰、和方源。此後,她在中美國?國傳授和 運用 中醫, 已近三十年 。她主攻癌症,免疫系統疾病和精神情?疾患。
L.Ac, B.Pt., DAOM

Eleonor Mendelson received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. She worked for over a decade as a physical therapist in hospitals, out-patient clinics and in-home care in her home country, Israel, and was a lecturer on behalf of the health education department. Eleonor specializes in pain management and endocrinology.

Shawn Smolinski received his Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in 2008. He trained with Jennifer Minor and Miranda Warburton, two of NATSTA's most senior instructors for 16 months in a nationally recognized clinical apprenticeship in Jin Shou Tuina?. Shawn combines Tuina, Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy in a focused treatment setting often giving herbal and diet/nutriment recommendations, as well as qigong or other exercises to support his patient’s progress at home. He specializes in the treatment of: acute and chronic pain syndromes, insomnia/anxiety, cancer support, and stroke rehabilitation.