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針灸及東方醫學博士 DAOM & PhD (China)

針灸及東方醫學博士 DAOM & PhD (China)

教學師資 (DAOM)

針灸及東方醫學博士班課程講求向我校傑出教員的智慧與專業知識學習,其中許多教員擁有 30 多年的中醫實踐和教學經驗。 在 該計畫中,您將向來自中國、歐洲和美國的著名中醫大師學習。這些備受尊敬的學者是出版作家、正進行開創性研究,同時也是中醫藥行業的創新者。針灸及東方醫學博士教員們在我們的課程開發和建立我們作為研究生中醫教育領導者的聲譽中扮演著舉足輕重的角色。您可通過瀏覽針灸及東方醫學博士師資目錄了解有關我們教員的更多信息。

Brandt Stickley

DAOM Professor

“Since I began teaching at Five Branches in 2018, I have experienced the DAOM program as a vibrant community of committed and passionate faculty and students working together to share deepening insights into the practice of Chinese medicine. I have found the
atmosphere to be collegial, welcoming and supportive. As well, the careful balancing of classical source material and rigor in integrative synthesis—is extraordinary.”