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DAOM & PhD (China)

DAOM & PhD (China)

DAOM Faculty

The Postgraduate DAOM Program was designed to draw upon the wisdom and expertise of our distinguished faculty members — many who have over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching TCM. 

In the DAOM program, you will learn from renowned TCM masters from China, Europe and the U.S. These highly esteemed scholars are published authors, perform ground-breaking research, and are innovators in the TCM profession. 

The DAOM faculty play a significant role in the development of our curriculum, and in establishing our reputation as a leader in Postgraduate TCM education. Learn more about our faculty by browsing the DAOM Faculty Directory.

Brandt Stickley

DAOM Professor

“Since I began teaching at Five Branches in 2018, I have experienced the DAOM program as a vibrant community of committed and passionate faculty and students working together to share deepening insights into the practice of Chinese medicine. I have found the
atmosphere to be collegial, welcoming and supportive. As well, the careful balancing of classical source material and rigor in integrative synthesis—is extraordinary.”