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Academic Approach

Five Branches was founded in 1984, with the explicit intention to bring the highest-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instruction to the Western world. Our curriculum was curated to protect and promote the authenticity of TCM, as it was originally taught and practiced by our Chinese-trained senior faculty. 

Our programs carefully preserve the authentic seed of TCM, as well as interpret the practice of medicine in ways that prepares students for a new integrative and collaborative medical paradigm.  

Skillfully weaving biomedicine concepts into our curriculum, we introduce students to the language and practice of integrative medicine. This enticing blend of modern and ancient, provides an academic experience that truly embodies the exciting, evolving state of healthcare in our country. 

Our TCM programs are accredited, based on the highest standard in the field, and are organized consistent with the principles and best practices in professional post-graduate education.  

It is this unique combination of authenticity, modern adaptation, and adherence to doctoral level standards that defines the academic experience at Five Branches.