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Why Five Branches?

We are inspired by the same innovative spirit that is embedded in Chinese medicine. It is intrinsically timeless, and its nature is to constantly evolve to meet the medical needs of people in every era. It’s a medicine that has endured for thousands of years, yet has transformed over time into a modern form of healthcare. 

At Five Branches, we hold strong to our vision of a “collaborative medicine,” one that is transforming how healthcare is practiced in the U.S.  For nearly four decades, this vision has pervaded our focus. Now, it offers exceptional career opportunities to every student.

Embodied by our leadership, our faculty and staff, this innovative spirit permeates our environment empowering students to see beyond the classroom to discover their own vision of success. 

Passing on the legacy of their authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teachings, senior faculty invite students to enter a process of self-discovery. As students re-examine their lives, their environment and the lives of their patients through the potent lens of Chinese medicine the doorway to becoming a true TCM practitioner opens. 

Expanding further, every Five Branches graduate contributes to TCM becoming a significant component of global healthcare. Serving as practitioners, teachers, authors, lecturers, and researchers, our alumni spread the knowledge of the health benefits of TCM around the world. 

In honor of the great tradition of Chinese medicine, we humbly move forward and steadfastly pursue future endeavors, with the same innovative spirit that has brought us here.