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Career Development

In the modern global environment of healthcare, the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the gateway to opportunity.

Chinese medicine is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the growing field of integrative medicine, offering a multitude of career opportunities around the world. Upon graduation, you can choose to establish a private or group practice, work in an integrative medical center or hospital, or pursue a career in TCM education, publishing or research. Whatever career path you choose, Five Branches provides resources to support your development as a TCM practitioner:

Career Development Courses

Taught by expert faculty, courses in career development and marketing instruct entry-level Masters and Doctoral students on how to start, manage, build, and sustain a TCM practice. At community outreach events, students demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of TCM to new patients, gaining firsthand experience in self-marketing and trade promotion to the general public. 

Placement Assistance

Five Branches corresponds with medical professionals who are looking for qualified TCM graduates and regularly posts vacancies in the field of acupuncture and TCM on our website. Graduates can search for job openings, space to rent, integrative practice opportunities, and practices for sale under TCM Careers 

Practitioner Referrals

Five Branches receives referral requests nationwide for qualified licensed acupuncturists. If Five Branches alumni are located within the requested area, patients are referred to these practitioners. Alumni referral information is available on the Five Branches University website under Practitioner Directory.

Alumni Network

Every student and alumni interaction fosters an engaged and invested community and culture of mutual support. Five Branches has alumni in practice around the world who are leaders in every facet of TCM: practitioners, teachers, authors, international lecturers, consultants, and researchers. Access to these alumni offer you excellent networking opportunities for professional advancement.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses, both on campus and online, allow you to become more proficient in the practice of TCM. The Postgraduate DAOM program provides licensed acupuncturists with a unique opportunity to study with esteemed faculty from China and the U.S. and develop advanced TCM knowledge and skills.