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Recognized as one of the nation’s top TCM schools, Five Branches University provides the highest level of professional education and healthcare in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.S. and internationally.

Founded in 1984, Five Branches University is institutionally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM), and is licensed to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Our website provides the following relevant information to prospective students:

  • Mission, vision and educational objectives
  • Accreditation and national and state approvals
  • Board, administrative and faculty leadership
  • Program curriculum and cost
  • Contact information for campuses, clinics and administrative personnel

School Catalogs

DTCM/MTCM Dual-degree Catalog (2023)

Postgraduate DAOM Catalog (2023)

Extension Catalog (2023)


Program Performance Fact Sheets and Annual Report

Program Fact Sheets and a BBPE Annual Report are available to prospective students in fulfillment of requirements set forth by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

2021 BPPE Annual Report – Institution
2021 BPPE Annual Report – Branch Campus
2021 BPPE Annual Report – MTCM
2021 BPPR Annual Report – MAc
2021 BPPR Annual Report – DAc
2021 BPPR Annual Report – Postgraduate DAOM
2021 BPPR Annual Report – DTCM/MTCM Dual-degree

2022 Postgraduate DAOM Performance Fact Sheet

2022 DTCM Performance Fact Sheet-Santa Cruz campus

2022 DTCM Performance Fact Sheet-San Jose campus

2022 MTCM Performance Fact Sheet-Santa Cruz campus

2022 MTCM Performance Fact Sheet-San Jose campus

2022 MAc Performance Fact Sheet-San Jose campus

2022 MAc Performance Fact Sheet Santa Cruz campus

2022 MTCM Performance Fact Sheet-Santa Cruz campus

2022 MTCM Performance Fact Sheet-San Jose campus

2022 Asian Body Massage and Qigong Performance Fact Sheet Santa Cruz campus

2022 Asian Body Massage and Qigong Performance Fact Sheet San Jose campus


List of Employment Positions

Students are entitled to a list of job classifications related to the educational programs offered at Five Branches University:

List of Employment Positions


HEOA Consumer Disclosures


Campus Safety and Annual Security Report

The Clery/Campus Security Act of 1990 (Title II of Public Law 101-542) requires that all colleges and universities provide annual statistics on several specific categories of crime.

Any crime occurring on campus or on streets and sidewalks directly adjacent to the campus must be reported to the Student Services Director at your affiliate campus in Santa Cruz (831) 476-9424 or San Jose (408) 260-0208. Click on the link below for a report on crime statistics that occurred on or directly adjacent to the campus for the last three calendar years.

Annual Campus Safety & Security Report 2023

Campus Crime Report Form


Gainful Employment Disclosures

Postgraduate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master of Acupuncture


Student Body Diversity


  • 321 women enrolled, 70.86% of the student population
  • 132 men enrolled, 29.14% of the student population


  • 2.42% are Hispanic or Latino,
  • 0.22% are American Indian or Alaska Native,
  • 47.25% are Asian,
  • 1.10% are black or African American,
  • 0.00% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander,
  • 36.65% of our students are white and not multiracial,

International student enrollment is now 12.36% of our total enrollment


Voter Registration

Five Branches University actively encourages students to register to vote. Registering and voting are important aspects of your rights and responsibilities as an informed citizen. The following information is provided to assist you in registering to vote either in California or in your home state.

In order to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old at the time of the next election. As a college student you may register in California using your permanent home address. When completing your voter registration form please note that P.O. boxes are not permitted as your residential/home address. The voter registration requirement applies to general and special elections for federal office, including the election for governor, or other chief executive within a state.

Voter registration materials are available at the Financial Aid Office 120 days prior to the deadline for registering to vote. California registration forms are available on-line at (scroll down to “How to Register to Vote”). Forms are also available at post offices, libraries, city hall, or department of motor vehicle offices.

For information regarding California registration deadlines please see the California State Board of Elections website at

CARES Act Emergency Relief Grand Fund

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