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Faculty / Practitioner Directory

Just as the Qi, or vital life energy, animates our bodies, it is the Five Branches faculty that breathes life into the curriculum.

Five Branches faculty is a dedicated community of expert TCM practitioners, medical doctors, international lecturers, researchers and published authors. Their exceptional qualities are reflected in the skill and confidence of our graduates, and in our 36-year history of academic excellence.

Our senior faculty are TCM masters from China who have over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching TCM. They have trained in China’s most prestigious TCM universities and hospitals. Our faculty also include university graduates with rich interdisciplinary backgrounds, highly trained experts in Classical Chinese Medicine, as well as esteemed physicians who teach academic and clinical Western Medicine classes.

Faculty integrate their diverse perspectives and real-world expertise into our TCM and Western medicine curriculum, bringing a depth and richness to the learning environment that is unparalleled.

DAc/MAc Faculty

Our DAc/MAc faculty embrace a progressive approach to the dissemination of authentic TCM knowledge as it applies to the practice of acupuncture in a modern integrative healthcare system.

The cornerstone of the DTCM/DAc Bridge program is its faculty and the high-quality instruction they provide. Our faculty are trained experts in online learning environments.

In the Postgraduate DAOM program, you will learn from renowned TCM masters from China, Europe and the U.S. These highly esteemed scholars are published authors, perform ground-breaking research, and are innovators in the TCM profession.

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