Research Methodology
Learn how to assess evidence-based medicine, review new trends in TCM research and enhance your TCM scientific thinking skills. Research Methodology courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to complete the research pre-proposal, proposal and capstone project to fulfill graduation requirements, and to perform research of publishing quality.

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Research Methodology I-IVDRR 101-401

Research Methodology I-IV

DRR 101-401
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This module introduces evidence-based medicine for clinical research and provides the knowledge required for writing and presenting the Capstone Project. Protocol design, hypothesis development, and gathering of evidence, including decision analysis will be discussed.  The most common statistical methods will be reviewed as well as the design of clinical trials, human subject issues, and adverse effects. Peer-reviewed journals will be examined in detail and with practicality. Module IV of the series will introduce current TCM research in the US.  Upon completion of this module, you will be able to design, direct and implement TCM clinical research projects, and critique professional publications to assess useful articles and journals.


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