Five Branches University offers a convenient way for you to earn your Doctorate in Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Bridge Program is 100% online. It’s asynchronous so you can study at your own pace while maintaining your practice. This program is designed for veteran healers who are currently practicing who want to catch up to the new standards. Completion of this 315-hour course earns you the legal right to the Doctor title, a trending requirement as Chinese and Western medicine integrate. Accredited through ACAOM, this is the most efficient path to the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) degree or Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) degree. If you’re a licensed practitioner currently plying your trade, you can qualify for this innovative new program.

So who is qualified to enroll in the Bridge Program? “Any licensed acupuncturist who doesn’t have their doctoral,” is the short answer. However, due to the evolution of TCM degrees, coupled with the variation from state to state, there are a few stipulations. Some states don’t offer a Masters. Instead they might offer something like a 1000-hour certification program. In California, the requirements have changed over time. Previously, California Masters programs required around 2800 hours of study. Later that expanded to around 3200 hours. A Doctorate requires about 3500 hours if starting at the beginning. “What we really want is for them to have at least a Master’s degree or the equivalent,” explains Hancock. “If they don’t have a Master’s degree, we can still work something out. We’ll do whatever we can to get you what you need to get your Doctoral.”

There are a few fundamental requirements for acceptance to the Bridge Program:

  • Master’s degree or equivalency.
  • You need to have 90 unites of undergraduate study.
  • You need to be a practitioner – whatever state you are in you need a license relevant to that state.
  • You need to be in practice. There are elements of the Bridge Program that require that you be in a clinical setting.

The discrepancies between different licenses across different states and times of certification may require some applicants to fulfill some additional remediation or prerequisites but that’s achievable with a little extra work. The faculty at Five Branches University will strive to meet the needs of every Doctoral candidate.

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