TCM Herbology

Jeffrey Pang, L.Ac.

Department Chair

Chinese herbology is the world's most sophisticated medical herbal system. The TCM Herbology curriculum includes extensive training in the identification, categorization and clinical use of the traditional Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia. Six semesters of in-depth herbology study provide you with a solid working knowledge of more than 400 individual herbs and more than 350 classical and modern formulas. Advanced courses instruct you how to modify and enhance classical formulas in response to specific variants in a patient's diagnosed condition. All herb courses are taught using the Pinyin names of herbs.

Course TitleCodeUnitsHours
[Required Courses]
Herbal-Pharmaceutical Drugs InteractionsMHB 7000.58

Herbal-Pharmaceutical Drugs Interactions

MHB 700
0.5 Units 8 Hours

This course addresses the increasing concern among the medical community, including TCM practitioners who prescribe medicinal herbs, regarding toxic biomedical interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and natural products, such as Chinese medicinal herbs. The course reviews the biomedical nature of herbs and the potential interaction between them and commonly used pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements. The course includes the critical analysis of literature and research reports of herb/drug interactions.

MHB 201, TCM Herbology I; MHB 301, TCM Herbology II; MHB 401, TCM Herbology III; MWM 620, Pharmacology