Joanna Zhao, Academic Dean, has been Director of Five Branches’ TCM Clinic since she co-founded it in 1984. Her commitment to TCM began as a youngster in China, when she became interested in the work of her uncle, a famous TCM doctor. Joanna received her education from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the People’s Republic of China, where she trained in both Western medicine and TCM. She studied with noted medical doctors and acupuncturists Xiuyan Lu and Yuan Fang. Joanna has spent more than a quarter of a century teaching and practicing TCM in China and the U.S., working with local oncologists and developing specialties in cancer, immune diseases and mental emotional disorders. Joanna has lectured at the Five Branches’ International Symposium on Women’s TCM and on Pediatric TCM, and has been a guest speaker at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has also been the lead speaker at national conferences on female reproductive cancer, and leukemia. She has led study tours to China since 1992, where Five Branches’ students and graduates study in Shanghai’s Shuguang Hospital and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. Joanna is an accomplished musician, integrating Eastern and Western styles of music. Like her teacher and great-grandfather, she is also an excellent calligrapher. Professor Zhao teaches in the Departments of TCM Acupuncture and TCM Herbology, and is a faculty member of the Five Branches DAOM program.
Ching Ching Chi is a DAOM Fellow, PhD Graduate of Zhejiang TCM University and licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California. She is a student of Professor's Fan Yongsheng, Fang Benzheng, and Wang Juyi, the most distinguished acupuncture physicians and herbalists in China. She specializes in pain management, diabetes and its complication, stroke rehabilitation, cancer care and autoimmune disease. Ching is currently teaching in the Departments of TCM Theory and TCM Acupuncture.
Professor Liou received education of both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. He received his bachelor degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China Medical University, then received his master degree and PhD in China Medical University. He was granted with the title of associate professor by Ministry of education, Taiwan. Prof. Liou has 25-year’s clinical experiences till now, and has been teaching for 23 years. He taught in China Medical University and now is teaching in Five Branches University MTCM and DAOM programs, and also being a supervisor in the health center.
Douglas Wang received his M.D degree in 1982 from Qinghai University Medical School in China and continued his medical studies at the International Psychiatrist Training Center. He pioneered the first series of seminars for physicians treating substance abuse, and established the first substance abuse program in Qinghai Province; employing a combination of Western medical and TCM treatments for its participants. Douglas earned his Master’s degree in TCM from ACTCM in San Francisco. He specializes in stroke, paralysis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental illness, and drug addiction.
Florence Chen received her Masters’ degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in California, and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University. She is a licensed acupuncturist in both California and New York, specializing in women's health, neuromuscular medicine and pain management, and dermatology/external medicine. When not practicing or teaching, Florence enjoys skiing, snorkeling, and backyard barbeques.

Florence Chen teaches in the Departments of TCM Theory and TCM Herbology.
George Lu began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco in 1989, with the respected Angela C. Wu, L.Ac., where he built up a solid TCM foundation and learned to treat patients with HIV/AIDS and women with gynecological disorders. He received his Master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Medicine and Cultural Sciences in 1995, and interned at Shu Guan Hospital in Shanghai, China where he trained in Dr. Shi style Orthopedic Tuina. George specializes in sports injury, Tuina massage, and fertility.
Hsinmin Chi earned a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from South Baylo University, California. His prior education included a Master of Science degree in TCM from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, California, a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University, California, and a M.S. degree in Physics from the University of Texas, Dallas.

He specializes in Pain Management, Anti-Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease and others.
Jeffrey Pang is a third generation herbalist from Guanzhong, China. He received his education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by apprenticing with his grandfather and earning a medical degree from Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences. Like many physicians in China, he was sent to the countryside to work at a rural community hospital during the Cultural Revolution, and later practiced as a TCM doctor in Hong Kong. In 1984, he was invited to join Five Branches University, and has become one of its preeminent faculty members and practitioners. Dr Pang has co-authored a textbook titled Chinese Medicine Dietetics (Volume I). The text presents both a Chinese and a Western medical perspective on nutrition, and offers integrative approaches to healthy eating and food remedies.
Dr. Jing Lao (Jessica) received her Master and DAOM’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Five Branches University and is currently a doctoral fellow. She graduated from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (in China) and has specialized in TCM skin rejuvenation clinical work since 1995. She studied TCM skin rejuvenation in the famous ancient capital of Xian, and at the Hongkong Huadou Beauty School. Dr.Jing Lao has taught TCM skin rejuvenation, TCM theory, TCM diagnosis, herbal medicine, food therapy and Taiji to local and foreign students at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University since 2010. She is a member of the TCM Beauty Committee and the National Traditional Chinese Association. Dr. Jing Lao specializes in Pain Management, Dermatology, emotional problem and Women’s Health.
Judith Tognetti is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist. She received her Master’s and Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. Ms. Tognetti has studied with many famous acupuncturists throughout her career and has continued to increase her knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine. She is an active participant in the field of reproductive medicine, and has been included as an expert in panel discussions on fertility as well as providing on-site care for patients in both fertility centers and hospitals. Her specialty is Women's Healthcare, including: OB-GYN, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause. Ms. Tognetti has extensive training in Sports Medicine and is currently finishing her Diplomate status in Orthopedic Acupuncture, and her Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She works as a master herbalist and medical consultant for Kan Herb Company in Scotts Valley, California. She maintains her commitment to the field through clinical research projects, has published many educational articles for both patients and the overall medical community, and is a member of Fertile Hope, Resolve, and ASRM. Judith Tognetti teaches in the Departments of TCM Clinical Medicine and TCM Clinical Training.
Kevin Zhu received his M.D. degree in 1988 from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology. He worked as the Physician-in-Charge and as a Lecturer for nine years at the Beijing First Teaching Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kevin served as the chief secretary for the National Academic Symposium and organized four symposiums on male diseases, urology, skin diseases, cancer, gynecology, and gastroenterology. He developed the Acupuncture and Herb Treatment Software with the Qinghua University in China, and participated in the compilation of eight professional books. Kevin specializes in pain management, dermatology and urology.
Lucy Hu comes from a family of healthcare practitioners. Her great grandfather was a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and her two older sisters earned Western MD degrees in China. Lucy received her medical degree from Shenyang University in Shenyang, People’s Republic of China in 1961 and worked as a pediatrician and instructor at the Dalian Medical College from 1961 through 1979. Lucy graduated from the Chinese Acupuncture Medical Institute of Hong Kong in 1982, with diplomas in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. In her three decades of medical experience, she has specialized in pediatrics.
Xiu Fen Pan received her Doctor of Medicine degree from China Medical University in Taiwan. She studied with Professor Zhang Yang and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in public hospitals in Taiwan for over ten years before moving to the United States. She is currently enrolled in the Doctoral program at Five Branches University.
Phu Tran received his Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. He specializes in musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries.
Dr. Cheung received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of California, Davis. He has been studying I-Ching since 1986, and he has been teaching I-Ching and related subjects at the School of Yimutology, a non-profit organization in Oakland, CA that was founded by him in 2006. He also obtained his MTCM degree from Five Branches University. He teaches I-Ching, Chinese History and Philosophy in Five Branches University under the DAOM and DTCM/MTCM programs
Shawn Shangpeng Si received a Bachelor of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (2007), and a Master of Medicine in Clinical Medicine (2009) from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. From 2011-2013, he served as a Physician at the Healthy Service Center of Anzhen Community in Beijing, and from 2009-2011 he served as a Physician at Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital of Shandong Province. Shawn served as the President of the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2002-2004. Shawn is currently enrolled in the Five Branches University DAOM program. His hobbies include Tai Chi Chuan, music, photography, calligraphy and badminton.

Shawn Shangpeng Si teaches in the Department of TCM Clinical Training.
Tonghua Yang is a professor at multiple TCM universities and served as the Director of the TCM Society in Washington. He successfully established the first Chinese acupuncture center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thousands of patients have been healed through his treatments, including members of a National Champion Football team, a National Hockey Championship team, and Olympic gold medalists. Patients praise the remarkable efficacy of his treatments.
Wenying Zhu is a graduate of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology. She has nearly 30 years of experience treating a variety of diseases with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Julie specializes in women’s health and pain management.
Dr. Yi Sun Xiong served as a TCM Internal Medicine professor and chief physician at the Shanghai Longhua TCM Hospital. She is known as a famous complex disease specialist with over 40 years of experience. She has used unique Chinese medicine methods for the treatment of infertility, successfully making infertile couples happy parents. Dr. Xiong has many years of experience and research in treating senile disorders. Her specialties include chronic bronchitis and asthma, acute and chronic colitis, viral myocarditis, Hepatitis B, diabetes, and recovery of post-surgery or post-chemo cancer patients.
Yu-Wen Chiu received her Masters in TCM from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in 1997, and a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Chung Shan Medical and Dental College in 1993. She is a Clinic Supervisor at Five Branches University and ACTCM and serves as a volunteer acupuncturist at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. Yu-Wen Chiu specializes in pain management, women's health, and internal medicine.

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