June 28, TCM Webinar: Herbal Medicine from Growing to Cooking

This webinar welcomes both medical professionals and the general public participation.

Event Highlights

Herbs play an integral role in Traditional Chinese Medicine both combined with acupuncture and used on their own. Join our webinar June 28th to learn how an herbal formula is chosen, how we can integrate new cooking methods like using an InstantPot to cook an herbal formal and which herbs are best for digestive concerns, versus colds and flu?
Join senior professor Dr. Bill Schoenbart as he demonstrates how an experienced herbalist prepares unique treatments for patients. He will guide viewers through how an herbal formula is created in our clinic to how they’re cooked as well as alternatives that are available.

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Webinar Host

Dr. Gigi Shames is a Doctor of Natural Health. Ms. Shames is also a Licensed Acupuncturist. She graduated in 2008 from Five Branches University and had a private practice from 2008 to 2019, then became Head of Acupuncture at Modern Acupuncture of Marin in 2019. Her specializations include integrative medicine, mental health, and TCM education.


Dr. Bill Schoenbart, LAc, DAOM is a senior professor at Five Branches University as well as an alumni of the university.  Bill Schoenbart graduated from Five Branches in 1991. His specialty is in herbal medicine, working with both Chinese and Western herbs. He teaches in the Departments of TCM Theory and TCM Herbology.

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