A Warm Holiday Greeting | Newsletter, Winter 2021

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Five Branches University is grateful to all faculty, students, and alumni for the dedication and hard work they have put in for TCM this past year. We at Five Branches would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a wonderful, prosperous new year.

‘Tis the Season for Acupuncture

Good news and happy tidings to all after a difficult couple of years of worldwide pandemic; may this holiday season find you healthy and fortified for the coming winter. We hope you are able to spend time again with family and friends, and plan fun events for the years to come.

Among many ways for boosting the immune system (200,000,000 Americans are fully vaccinated against Covid by now, equaling 60% of our country’s population) we wish you a session or a series of acupuncture treatments, to benefit your body/mind/spirit.

Acupuncture can reduce stress and depression, provide a peaceful moment set aside for yourself during hectic times, and can even assist you in losing weight.

Stress during the holidays (and all throughout the year of course) leads to higher cortisol levels, which are one reason we lose sleep and gain weight. Typically a series of six are recommended for circulation and mental clarity, and the acupuncturist may also offer immune-boosting herbs such as Yu Ping Feng San (“The Jade Screen”) to help stay healthy.

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Day On The Bay Multicultural Festival 2021

Five Branches was pleased to showcase Chinese Medicine treatments at October’s 10,000+ attendee event Day on the Bay, hosted by Santa Clara county supervisor Otto Lee. It was our pleasure to provide the community with complimentary acupuncture given by senior interns and our dean Joanna Zhao.

The multicultural festival was created to share resources on sustainability, health, and wellness, and appreciate our beautiful environment here in the South Bay Area. In addition to acupuncture, folks came to tour local levees, kayak, rock-climb for free, get free Covid shots and flu shots, and kids brought home free pumpkins. Thank you to all who participated!

Students and Staff Celebrate in San Jose

Recently in November our San Jose Student Council celebrated our ongoing stepwise return to more normalcy socially and educationally (including hybrid classes, vaccines/testing, masks indoors, and so on). We are grateful after much isolation, as ourselves and even our canine companions could visit with one another and relish the fall leaves in beautiful Silicon Valley. Best wishes from our families to yours this holiday season!

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