TCM for Cancer Symptom Support

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that if you replenish the Blood/Qi you will tonify the body and also fortify the organs. Using herbal prescriptions and acupuncture, customized for the patient, Chinese Medicine can improve the body’s ability to fight cancer, relieve complicated symptoms and control cancer progression. It also helps to reduce complications that arise in conventional therapies and increase the body’s tolerance towards radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We are honored to have Dr. Joanna Zhao LAc.,MD China, NCCAOM to give us an introduction on how TCM for cancer symptom support.

00:00 Speaker 1: So good evening and thanks for joining in. We are going to have this webinar TCM for Cancer Support with Dean and Professor Joanna Zhao. Today we’ll have a little introduction by myself in the webinar series, we’ll then begin the TCM for cancer support symptoms, then we will have a poll, and after that, Dr. Joanna Zhao will have time to answer your questions. This is the eighth webinar of our TCM webinar series. In this series, we will look into how TCM can help heal many of the common diseases that Americans face today. So please join us to learn more. Our next webinar is June 13th at 5:00 PM, and that is our TCM for Dietary Therapy. And an exciting news, in July our TCM webinar series will have a new spin on the webinar. So July we will have TCM for Insomnia, but we will do it in a different format. In July, TCM for Insomnia will feature a live demo between the doctor and the patient. So you’ll get to see a live interaction between that.

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02:13 S1: So just a little bit about Joanna Zhao. She received her education from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the People’s Republic of China, where she trained in both western medicine and TCM. Professor Zhao teaches in the departments of TCM Acupuncture and TCM Herbology, and is a faculty member of the Five Branches DAOM program. Joanna has spent more than a quarter of a century teaching and practicing TCM in China and the US, working with local oncologists and developing specialties in cancer, immune diseases, and mental and emotional disorders. Joanna has lectured at Five Branches International Symposium on women’s TCM and on pediatric TCM. She’s also been the lead speaker at national conferences on female reproductive cancer and leukemia. So please welcome her and enjoy her lecture. This is our esteemed Professor and Dean of Five Branches University, Joanna Zhao.

03:27 Joanna Zhao: Hi, everybody. My name is Joanna Zhao and Faye already introduced me. For the supporting the healing, supported the healing, when I got this topic, I said that that’s very important for everybody. So that’s why I like to spend a little bit of time with you and then to discuss how Chinese medicine acupuncture can help support the cancer patient and support the healing. Okay. So talk about the cancer. In most people’s minds is related with death. Of course, many different diseases can also relate with death, but the most frightened of all diseases is cancer. You know the cancer, the words, actually is a crab. You know the crab, if you think about the crab, we always say who is the first person eat the crab in this world is very brave because the crab has eight legs and it crawl everywhere, and the cancer, just like that, goes everywhere in person’s body if we’re not taking care of it, if somebody get it.

05:02 JZ: But the problem is, the cancer patient is not getting less and less like other diseases, certain other diseases. The cancer, recently, the number of cancer patients has increased. Some of the cancers are due to pollution of the modern industry area and some because of the chemical using, toxic, and also, for example, like the fertilizers and the preserved food, they all become a problem. So because today we talk about the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, how do we help? Do you know in China, in traditional Chinese medicine, we always talk about the yin and the yang, five elements, eight differentiations, and where this come from? Actually, if you look at the old Chinese history book, even just history book talk about, about 3,000 years ago, we already start using Chinese herbs and some acupuncture treatment help the diseases, include right now the modern medicine called cancer.

06:31 JZ: So in Chinese medicine, since today I’m talking to the public, so it’s not like you already… And some of them maybe already studied acupuncture, but some of them really know acupuncture herbs, what are you actually talk about. So actually, acupuncture and the herbal treatment has been in this world for 3,000 years, but the cancer treatment, how do you treat or how do you support? Do you know that cancer actually in Chinese medicine, we talk about the inflammation. And reducing inflammation is one of the very strong tool in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. We talk about earth, we talk about the human being, we talk about the sky, which is heaven. So we have the one we talk about called heaven and the earth, human being in between heaven and earth.

07:36 JZ: We dance with the heaven and the earth, which is if we’re living in this area, living in this world, we breathe the air, we eat the food, we drink the water, everything related with our health. If the water is polluted, if the air has got a whole bunch of pollution, and what happened to our body? So that’s why increase the cancer patients now. This is the one thing we have to actually deal with. I like to use today’s chance to actually talk about that. And also if a patient got a cancer, they have a pain. So how do we stop the pain? Now we talk about, now people use pain medicine, painkiller and even people use opium. What happened after that? Many patients, they actually got trouble from the addiction. So that also I like to share some of them with you.

08:42 JZ: How do we see as Chinese medicine doctor, how do we see these diseases? How do we reduce patient’s stress? Because the minute somebody had a cancer, first thing we think about, “Oh my God, I don’t wanna get that. Why it’s me?” All these things will come out. What happened is stress. Of course, you go see the doctor, doctor will give you some good ideas. For example, maybe you need operation, maybe you need chemotherapy, maybe you need radiation or hormone therapy, anything you can mention, right? So what happened? A cancer patient become very stressful, “I really have the problem. Now, I have to think about if I deal with chemo, I will have the chemo side effect. If I deal with the hormone, I don’t know what’ll happened with me. Yeah. If I do radiation, lots of heat. And all these can help me are just temporary.”

09:52 JZ: So I met so many patients, they come to me and this is their question, want me to answer. Of course, very difficult for as a practitioner to answer that question. I can’t say, “Oh, you don’t do radiation.” “Oh, you have to do chemo.” I’m not MD in America, so I’m an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor. So I had to work with the patients and work with the oncologist sometimes to find the good way for patient can actually, first thing important is reduce the stress. Because in Chinese medicine, stress can cause lots of problem. For example, we said the stress cause liver Qi stagnation, stress cause the spleen Qi deficiency and etcetera, etcetera. So if you have a stress, you also can cause stagnation. The stagnation of the Qi, which is a vital energy, Q-I, Qi which is vital energy and also can affect the blood circulation causes stresses So, how do we reduce that? I will talk about that.

11:01 JZ: And also if the cancer patient, now they just say, “Okay, I got a cancer, I am waiting for die.” No, that is very negative. When you get a cancer, maybe the doctor will tell you, “Oh, so and so, you only have how many years to live or you have months to live.” I told the patient, of course you had to listen what the doctor told you, but you have to listen to yourself, your own body. How do you fight? If you already have a cancer, how do you dance with the wolf? The cancer is a wolf, he’s going to eat you. You try to run away, he’ll still follow you. Or you dance with the wolf, you work with the wolf and maybe you will survive. So that is the one, how to increase living quality. Yeah. That’s also our Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist want to work with patient.

12:11 JZ: And also, I would just talk about the reduced side effect, right? And the chemo radiation, and whatever, whatever. So, for example, somebody who has breast cancer, and maybe the doctor think you had to do the chemotherapy, which can save your life, and you did the research, you found out that this is a good thing for you to do it. So most of the people will use the 5-FU IV, right? So what happened, it might help you to reduce the cancer, and get rid of cancer, if this is the initial stage, beginning stage. But then what happened is, you will have… Because of this medicine, we had to face it. It is a medicine. It’s a medicine, and eliminate bone marrow. So what happens if you eliminate bone marrow? Your white blood cell is going to go down. You have no energy.

13:13 JZ: And also, you have another side effect, which is a stomach and the intestinal reaction. Gradually, gradually, you can’t eat what the food that you like to eat. So these two side effects… Because the 5-FU works for breast cancer, but we had to face to these two side effects, as Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist, I’m working for many, many breast cancer patient, and help them to work with us and work with the oncologist, and many of them have very good results. And some patients living with… Until now, about 20 years or 30 years, and they are doing very well. So we can work with the patient to actually help them to reduce the side effects, can overcome the side effects.

14:21 JZ: And number four, we talk about that alleviates the pain, because in some cancer, especially the later stage, and will have some pain, can be very excessive pain. So how do we do it? We also still want to keep their life quality, and then we don’t want them to be miserable and take the pain medicine, and morphine, and finally can’t really actually function. So, the Chinese medicine, acupuncture, actually, especially the acupuncture really works for eliminate the pain and help the patient and overcome the pain. Okay. So right now I like to… Because the time is very short, I like to give some examples. I choose the three examples, one is the gastric carcinoma, and a one is liver cancer, and a one is lung cancer.

15:28 JZ: Because, I come from China, I see the patient and these three cancer is very common. And also I came to this country, and I practice in Five Branches University in the clinic and in my own clinic, too. I see some patients have the stomach cancer, and the liver, and the lung cancer. Of course, many other cancers, but today the time I just give examples, how does acupuncture, how does traditional Chinese medicine help these patients? Talk about the gastric carcinoma, the manifestations I listed here, many of you already know. Epigastric discomfort and the pain, this is one of the very common feeling the patient in the beginning, and vomiting, nausea, and vomiting with the blood, and also you see the stool has black color.

16:40 JZ: And then later the patient will feel the mass in this epigastric area, epi means above. So above, in the gastric area, feel the mass. Why I want to list that? Because Chinese medicine not only just help to support the cancer patient treatment, also preventing is our main purpose. How to prevent? Find the things early and just try to avoid it is possible. So for example, if you see somebody who vomiting without reason, or after eat, vomit it right away, you had to think about, something not right if the patient is not pregnant. Something not right, and it doesn’t matter for a man or woman, the vomiting with the blood. Of course, vomiting with the blood can be stomach ulcer, stool black can be stomach ulcer. So sometimes can be confused.

17:52 JZ: But I do wanted to tell you the gastric carcinoma, the early stages. The early stage, patient can have no obvious symptoms. That’s scary. And also early stage, I just said before, confused with gastritis and confused with people who dislike food and the stress, whatever and anorexia and the gastric ulcer. I just said the gastric ulcer can have bleeding, yeah, it can have black stool. So how do you distinguish it? How do you find out? And how do you help? What I do is, if the patient come to my clinic, if they have these symptoms, I would do acupuncturist treatment, acupuncture treatment, and I also will give the herbs to help to stop the symptoms. If these symptoms after my herb for a week or two, is still there, I would put a question mark and discuss with patients.

19:12 JZ: From that, I wanna talk a little bit, go to the ideology, to how the gastric carcinoma sometimes will happen. As far as we know, they are related with something, so I did a research when I was in China in Ningguo City, that city is near by the ocean. It’s very famous, fishing, and now it become very modern city, and a long time ago it’s country side… I mean, the ocean side. And what happened the people in one of the ocean village, they have so many stomach cancer, and they don’t know what’s going on. Is it a genetic reason? We found out it’s not really. If you wanna see genetic, you can see that, because the family, generation to generation to generation, maybe they are eating similar food, maybe they like certain food, by generation it transferred to another generation, look like as a genetic reason, but actually, sometimes it’s not.

20:33 JZ: And also this village, they love to eat very salty fish, dry fish. That salty dry fish we found out too much salt intake, it’s one of the actually cause stomach problem, ulcer, it became cancer. Of course, carcinogenic substance also is another thing, such as nitrosamines, sodium nitrate, hydrocarbon, etcetera, etcetera, so we have many food having that. Now I wanna talk of one of my patients, actually not with cancer in the stomach, the cancer become leukemia, a child, yeah. What happened is, one child and he loves hotdogs, he almost eats hotdog everyday. Of course, if it’s organic hotdog, it’s different. I don’t know what kinda hotdog he’s eating, I think it must have a large sodium nitrate. So for years and years, hotdog is his food and later I treated him because they come for leukemia. From my knowledge, I think, that might be the reason. Yeah.

22:10 JZ: Gastric carcinoma, it’s the same thing, if you eat too much chemical stuff, we have to be careful, that’s the prevention, okay? Some TCM diagnosis, I put over here in Chinese but I also translated it. ‘Fanwei’, somebody… If you see the Chinese doctor, maybe they tell you, “Oh, you have a fanwei.” What is that? Regurgitation, yeah, after you eat, suddenly, you wanna throw up. Another one is ‘wei wan tong’, epigastric pain. Another one is called ‘yi ge’, difficult in swallow the food, you feel something there in the esophagus or in the way, you feel not drinking water even, have problem. Another one is ‘xin fu pi’, which is fullness in the epigastric, this not necessarily a cancer but it possibly related.

23:15 JZ: In Chinese medicine, the pathogenesis cause of disease is emotional disturbance, it’s very important, emotional disturbance. We also did some research, we found out, today I don’t have time to talk about it. Another one is improper diet, we just talked about it in a whole bunch and some salt and sodium nitrate, whatever. Of course, if you eat hotdog once a month, no problem, even sodium nitrate, I don’t think it will hurt you, right? Long-term deficiency of the spleen, the stomach, that’s the one we talk in Chinese TCM terminology, we think the channel, the meridian, the stomach and spleen channel deficiency, it will cause digestive function problem and if too long that also can cause ulcer and become cancer.

24:13 JZ: And number four, the liver channel. I’m talking about liver, it’s called the liver channel fails to maintain the free flow of the Qi. We said that in Chinese medicine, the liver channel helps the free flows of the Qi. Why? If the free flow of the Qi is not good, and the Qi is not free fluid, means the stress, and the stagnation. Hopefully, I use a little bit of TCM terminology and hopefully not to confuse you. Because if you come to see the Chinese medicine doctor, they might tell you that and then you know what it about. And the stomach Qi fails to descend. It means poor digestion, you’re always belching, belching. And you say, “Why?” Because the Qi is not go down, stomach Qi, it’s supposed to go down. As it goes up, now you vomit.

25:04 JZ: And dampness, we talk about the inflammation is the dampness in TCM. And inflamed, toxic heat inflammation and blood stasis accumulates in the stomach, which is cause gastric cancer, leads that. So how do we support that treatment? Soothe the liver channel and regulate the function of the stomach channel. Because today we talk about how do we support, I will give you one example, which is I use a lot for the patient to protect, or to prevent, or even you have some problem you can start to use it, Zhi Gan Cao, which is roasted licorice. It’s very simple. You go to health food store, or some other store, they will send you some licorice candy. So that’s the licorice. Why would they do that? It’s good for the digestion and good for the Qi. Yeah, it’s roasted one, okay, you can use. And also, how do we move the Qi, help the Qi and we relieve the pain? There’s another two things which is you can find everywhere you want. Green tea. Yeah, green tea.

26:22 JZ: Green tea also have many functions. Of course, they can help your stomach. And I think green tea is very good for relieve the pain. And also Chen pi is orange peel. But they put a Chen Pi means the old orange peel, very old. But if you don’t have old orange peel, that’s okay. You can use fresh one, but have to dry it and put in the green tea and you see, and help release the pain. TCM supported treatments, support chemotherapy or other treatments. For example, I have two formulas I like to introduce to you. But these formulas are very simple and very useful. One is called… I call the green tea formula. I have green tea, you have roasted licorice we just talk about, then we have orange peel, you have already introduced to you these three.

27:23 JZ: The last one, is also hawthorn fruit. It’s a fruit for digestion. It’s very good. Chowder the hawthorn and together, and put together and make tea for you. Then you ask, “How much you want me to put in?” Okay, the green tea only need like 10 pieces, 10 to 15 piece of leaf, that’s good enough. And roasted licorice, orange peel, and also the hawthorn. Yeah, it’s like one teaspoon each, for the whole day cup of the tea. You can drink the whole day, you just put water in, hot water in. And increase immune energetic system, because we talk about cancer treatment we’ll also need to have the immune energy. And also if preventing the immune energy even more important. So we have a couple herbs that I’d like to introduce to you. You can make a formula.

28:36 JZ: One is astragalus Huang Qi, one is American ginseng, another one we call the Ju Hua chrysanthemum. A beautiful chrysanthemum, but it’s the one for the herbal. Not everywhere chrysanthemum, colorful chrysanthemum you can use. It’s a small, small yellowish-white chrysanthemum. And the dong quai Angelica. And these are for increase immune energy, okay? If you have a question later about the gastric cancer, we can talk about later. So now, the second one that I want to introduce to you how do we treat, is the liver cancer. The primary type of those originate in hepatitis problem. Hepatic cells enter hepatic duct. The second one, we talk about the metastasize type. Those originate in other regions and moving to the liver, that’s happened a lot from different organs, cancer goes to the liver.

29:51 JZ: And number three, is history of a chronic vital… Actually, I always talk about it in the first, actually just in the last one, viral hepatitis, especially hepatitis B… Once I went to Stanford Hepatitis, not treatment, the Preventive Center and we had a talk about hepatitis. Hepatitis B, I see many actually China is treating many patients who have the history, hepatitis B become liver cancer, unfortunately. So if somebody in your family have hepatitis B, you should really help them and get treatment and reduce the inflammation, try to avoid a delay liver cancer problem. Okay. And also cirrhosis, hepatitis cirrhosis, that’s also the liver, hard the liver. So liver cancer the manifestations, the pain in the right gastro area, but a lot of time we’ll think about, “Oh it’s a stomach pain, no problem.” Actually, if it’s the right side, you have to pay attention. Okay?

31:09 JZ: And people lose weight very fast and they dislike food, no energy. And also liver enlargement progressively. In Chinese medicine, we call it Zang Jie, abdominal mass. That, on the right side you can feel it. And a ‘huang dan’ because if it’s in the loop, and jaundice happens. Liver cancer in TCM tradition. TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. We have a disorder of Qi, blood, dampness, and heat. That’s why we would do diagnosis to help you. And blood stasis and toxics. And also deficiency of the Qi and the blood and the emotional upset with mental depression. So if somebody who has a liver problem and liver cancer and that TCM doctor would tell you part of the diagnosis.

32:16 JZ: And this also the diagnosis to us if somebody doesn’t have a liver cancer, you have all these symptoms, we will say, “Okay, you have to be careful. You don’t wanna get it.” You know, deeper problem. Liver cancer TCM is supporting treatments. I also have four for you. You can use it. And the preventing and also for actually treatment support. Support for example, somebody already doing chemo or some other treatments, and you can have a black tea. So before you remember I talk of green tea. Now black tea is a fermented tea and more enzyme. It’s good for the liver cancer patient. And sang ye, which is mulberry leaf. It’s a very light leaf and very cooling. And a Huang Qi as well there is, and a Gou Qi Zi, which is goji berry, or called wolfberry. Okay?

33:17 JZ: Next one is the lung cancer manifestations. The patient who has a lung cancer, you will see the short of breaths and its irritable cough. I’m talking about the irritable cough. That cough is very unusual. You don’t have phlegm. You don’t have a reason. You didn’t get a cold. You didn’t get any, like some pollution, whatever happened. You suddenly have, not the pollution. Talk about like a phlegm from the nose goes to the throat. And no, it doesn’t have all this drainage or whatever. So people start a cough without anything. That we have to be careful. And blood-stained mucus sometimes come out, of course, you say, “Oh TB can have that, too.” Yes, but we have to be careful. If anything cough out blood, of course, bronchi also can cough out blood probably, but we just have to be careful.

34:22 JZ: Yeah, prevent and a fever. That’s important. If somebody have irritable cough with fever, short of breath, I will pay more attention. Lung cancer ideology that I have to just go fast, the disease is related to inherit factors of the body and/or environmental factors. For instance, cigarette smoking. And secondary cigarette smoking, which is you smoke and somebody else get problem. Air pollution, occupational carcinogenic factor. And for example, the radiation we talked about, right? Other factors, immunology hypo, which is the hypo function of the immune energy. That’s why we always say, “You have to increase your immune energy.” Why? Because you want that against the cancer cell. Everybody has cancer, grow or not grow. Right? Cancer cell. Yeah.

35:24 JZ: Metabolism disorder, that also can cause problem. And endocrine dysfunction are inherited, too, possible. Lung cancer TCM differentiation. You’ll just see on the screen. In deficiency and toxic heat, maybe if somebody you see, the doctor, the acupuncturist will tell you. Lung and the spleen Qi deficiency, accumulation of phlegm in the lungs. Qi stagnation, blood stasis and deficiency of the Qi in the yang. Okay? How do we support it? So first, in Chinese medicine, because this one’s related with heat, you have lung cancer sometimes, you have low grade fever. Clear away heat and resolve the phlegm, have to clean this airway and activate, clear throat and dissipate blood stasis. So that’s very important, too. You don’t want to have blood stasis in the lung and bronchi.

36:31 JZ: Acupuncture treatment, which we use for lung cancer a lot and prevention, too, herbal treatment. I put the three of them Qi Xing Cha. I put the Latin name in… And bai he, the bulbus lilii, and the ching hao, called the sweet wormwood, which ching hao written today become very famous because of a Chinese researcher. Tu Youyou found out also, it’s good for malaria, treat a lot of patients. But ching hao in Chinese medicine, we use for thousands of years also for supporting the treatment for like liver cancer type of disease and lung cancer type of disease.

37:20 JZ: Conclusion: Chinese medicine increase the immune energy and helps to control the growth of cancer cells. Chinese herbs increase the efficacy of a chemo and radiation therapies. That’s already have learned and researched in China. Lowering the toxic and lowering the side effect from a chemo and the radiation, which is, I just said it, dance with the wolf. You can work and we use it together and to reduce the cancer cell growth and to stop the cancer. And Chinese medicine stops pain without opiate addiction. Remember, a strong immune system is your best protection. Shen Qi, which is we call the positive Qi, positive vital energy reduces stress and calm your spirit is your best investment. Thank you.

38:21 S1: Alright. Thank you so much, everyone. And now it’s time for the professor to answer your questions. So if you’ve asked a question in the question box on the ‘go to webinar,’ we’ll ask it now. So Joanna Van Knight asks, “If a patient is not interested in Western therapy for cancer and wants only Chinese medicine, what is the protocol and how do practices like Dragon and Tiger Qigong work to eliminate cancer?”

38:55 JZ: Okay. Yeah, thank you for the question. Of course, the question you just asked, actually, I was going to put in my lecture, because the time is so short, so I didn’t. That’s very good question. About the Qigong, is very important and I would really suggest this patient to do it. Even now in Stanford University Cancer Center, they have a Qigong teacher help this patient and to practice Qigong against the cancer, to fight with the cancer. So yeah, whatever what kind of Qigong you do, it’s good for your patient or whatever, your family or your friends. Even if you don’t have no cancer, the Qigong is good. Qigong Tai Chi always good circulation practice. And the second one is, I see many patients… Actually, your question I almost met every week. “If I don’t wanna use chemotherapy, no radiation, no such thing, I don’t wanna do it. How do you help me?” This is very difficult questions, critical questions and then also very easy question.

40:23 JZ: Why I wanna say that? Because patient knows their body than anybody else. So of course, we have to discuss with them and help them to evaluate. What the oncologist wanted to do maybe is the best, or if you can wait or we can do something else. But it’s really have to discuss with patients and design a very important plan for them. And I do have some patients, it doesn’t matter who’s telling them you have to do chemo and they just don’t wanna do it. And of course in China, I use Chinese medicine, acupuncture to help as much as we can. And here, too. But really it depends on patient’s wish. Some of the patients actually, they do live very happy life what they want, without chemo and the radiation. They don’t want the side effect. Okay.

41:36 S1: Alright, thank you so much, Van Knight. Grace Liu asks, “What are some good TCM formulas that are relied on for raising and protecting WBC during chemotherapy?”

41:52 JZ: Yeah, the white blood cell during chemotherapy is very critical because… Not only white blood cells, sometimes platelets also related. So what you can do is, yeah, we have good herbs. For example, I just mentioned the Huang Qi, that is a very good herb you can use for the… I don’t know which page I can show you and it’s good for your treatment to which it increases immune energy and protect the patient’s immune energy. Yeah, and also I talk about the green tea, it’s another antioxidant and the… Keep going, yeah, another antioxidant so you can use it. It’s very important and, yeah. Let me see. I just wanted you to see. The number four down there is the Huang Qi, astragalus, that’s the one, yeah. It’s very important. Okay, thank you. Yes.

43:00 S1: Alright.

43:00 JZ: Thank you.

43:01 S1: And Grace also asks, “For chemo-induced mitosis, how is it best to protect the mouth and intestinal mucosa lining?”

43:13 JZ: Yeah, that’s also the question, actually, I see some patients because the mucus become a problem and they can’t even eat very properly because of that. So, do you see I have this over there American ginseng on the screen that increase and immune and energetic. I put a film in there, it’s American ginseng for the immune energy and also American ginseng, the Ju Hua, the chrysanthemum, these two can help increase the mucus, okay? Thank you.

43:50 S1: Alright. Thank you, Grace. Peter asks, “What herbs/supplements should I be taking for ovarian cancer, and is acupuncture effective for this type of cancer?”

44:03 JZ: Okay, ovarian cancer is… Yeah, a little bit, we call this cancer is sometimes a very… It’s a serious sometimes can be, not like a skin cancer, it’s easier to treat. Ovarian cancer, it depends if you… Somebody already had it, of course the doctor want you to do certain treatments and then we have a herbal formula we can have to help the patient increase your immune energy, your energy, and the circulation and blood circulation to have. For example, the Chen Pi, the orange peel and the Shan Zha, which is hawthorn, and I also use for ovarian cancer patient. And of course, in this one you also had to be… Sometimes had to be careful about what kind of hormone products you want, you wanna avoid it. Okay, yeah. Thank you.

45:05 S1: So Grace asks, “Do you use every insomnia or yang formulas for immuno protection?”

45:15 JZ: Yeah, the yang formula. We talk about the yang formula, insomnia and the yang formula. Yeah, it depends of the patient who’s… How old is that. You really have to do the diagnosis and if they have less yang Qi or more yang Qi and use different herbs to formulate it. Okay.

45:34 S1: Alright. Thank you so much everyone. We don’t have any more questions and it’s at the end of the webinar formula… Or the webinar, TCM for Cancer Support Symptoms. So we’re gonna go ahead and close this webinar. Thank you so much for joining us and Professor Zhao, thank you so much.

45:53 JZ: Thank you and if you really needed some help and they can come to Five Branches University Clinic. We have many good practitioners who can help you or if you want to be our student to help a cancer patient, that’s great, too. Thank you.