Student Services

The university provides a wide array of services to make your experience at Five Branches both rewarding and successful. Our student services include:

  • Academic Advising
  • Registration
  • Student Portal
  • Mentor Program
  • Health Services
  • Library
  • Communications
  • Student Council
  • Online Bookstore
  • Externships
  • Student Employment
  • Career Development
  • Alumni Association

Academic Advising

The university administration offers academic advising to assist you in the planning and completion of your degree requirements. From first semester- through graduation- and beyond, the administrative team will support you to complete your Master’s degree, to become a nationally certified and licensed TCM practitioner, in your advanced studies as a Doctoral or PhD student, and as an alumnus of Five Branches University.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability that affects your education, the Student Services Department can assist you in achieving your educational goals. If you are requesting services, you will need to meet eligibility criteria. A physical, mental learning, or sensory disability that qualifies for academic accommodations under the law must be verified by a credentialed, certified, or licensed professional. A student services or admissions advisor will guide you through the intake and verification process. The University’s accommodations and support policy can be viewed here.


The registrar’s office ensures that determining your class schedule and registering for classes flows smoothly. During registration you may enroll in specialized elective courses, review the dates for our annual Study Abroad program, and receive updates regarding changes in programs, campus facilities and support services.

Mentor Program

The administration and student council coordinate a mentoring program for Master’s students who need additional guidance to complete their course work, and for students who enjoy teaching as a way of learning.

Health Services

The Five Branches Health Centers are a flourishing environment for both student education and quality healthcare. As a prospective student, you may receive a free acupuncture treatment during your tour of the campus. Enrolled students receive healthcare services at the clinic with significant discounts.


The Santa Cruz and San Jose library collections contain a broad selection of over 6,000 publications on traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and related topics. The collection includes texts and journals in Chinese and Korean. The library has a modern web-based site detailing its holdings, offering extensive guidelines for research, and a wide variety of medical software and TCM study and testing programs. The library provides wireless internet, copy and laser print services, and a professional librarian and staff to assist you. Library hours include evenings and weekends.


The University maintains Internet and data platforms to facilitate effective administration, student and alumni interaction. Communications include direct email, the university’s web and blog sites, and the Five Branches email and forum platform.

Student Council

The Student Council plays many roles, from sending representatives to the National AAAOM meetings,  to inviting eminent TCM lecturers to speak on campus. The Council, made up of representatives from each class, meets regularly with the administration, faculty and the Board, playing a vital role in enhancing the further development and growth of the university and its students.

Online Bookstore

You can order new or used books required for upcoming courses online or by phone through MBS Direct Textbooks. At the end of the term, MBS Direct will buy-back textbooks for up to 40% of the retail price.


Community externships offers you the valuable opportunity to network with experienced practitioners and gain clinical experience in a broad range of settings. Externship opportunities include working with senior citizens, veterans of war, mental health patients, those struggling with substance abuse, and treating individuals in a community clinic setting. The annual Study Abroad program is a coveted international externship, allowing you to travel to Asia to gain clinical experience at leading hospitals in China, Taiwan, and Korea.

Student Employment

Students who qualify for need-based financial aid are eligible to earn money through the Federal Work Study program. Eligibility is awarded on the basis of financial need and is earned money that does not have to be repaid.

Career Development

The university offers on-going courses in practice management and marketing to assist you in your development as a successful TCM practitioner. You can refine your presentation skills by giving TCM lectures at universities, participating in annual health fairs, and speaking at public events. Five Branches supports the alumni association and promotes the exchange of ideas to foster professional development.  Graduates are invited to share their expertise with students during on-campus lectures.

Placement Assistance

Five Branches corresponds with medical professionals who may be looking for qualified TCM graduates and regularly posts professional vacancies in the field of acupuncture and TCM on the Five Branches University website under Career Opportunities.

Five Branches University and Clinic receive referral requests nationwide for competent, qualified, licensed acupuncturists. If Five Branches alumni are located within the requested area, patients are referred to these practitioners. Alumni referral information is available on the Five Branches University website under Practitioner Directory. Five Branches University provides placement assistance for licensed graduates whenever possible.

Alumni Association

The nascent Alumni Association connects graduates to each other and to the university, on both social and professional levels. Continuing education courses and social events invite graduates to return to the university and meet with faculty, other alumni, and students. Graduates play an important role in the definition of our successful Doctoral program, and continue to play valuable roles in the profession.

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