Using Moodle on Your Mobile Devices

Moodle on Your Mobile Devices

The Moodle Mobile app works seamlessly with the built-in features on your mobile devices, such as taking photos, voice/video recording, live chat, GPS, and the push notifications. You can install the app on multiple devices and still access the same courses.

Download the App

Follow the download link for the Moodle Mobile App on your own iOS, Android devices.

Step-by-step Login Process

Note: This login process is a one-time effort unless you choose to logout of the account in the app.

Step 1: Open the app on your device

Step 2: key in “”

Step 3: You have reached the server, please enter your school email address and its password

Step 4: When you have multiple Gmail account, please choose your school email account

Step 5: You will first land on the web browser. It will ask for your permission to open the Moodle course on the Moodle app. Click “OPEN”

Step 6: You have successfully logged-in to your Moodle online courses

Participating in Your Moodle Courses

Click on “My Courses” to explore all the courses available to you.

When you have courses under different categories, you will see a category list

Participate in the Forum directly from your mobile device

Your text presentation could be in rich HTML format

Adding files from your mobile device

The files could be generated by all the mobile built-in features

Click on the “Post to Forum” to submit your content

Need more user tips?

There are many user guides and tips available on Youtube. Please refer to these videos:

* Install and Activate the Moodle App on your iPhone

* How To Install Moodle on Android

* Moodle Mobile App Login

* How to use Moodle mobile app?

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