FBU Students Experience Hands-on Learning in Needle Camp

Needling's in Session!

For over a year now, Five Branches University has been operating weekend Needle Camps at both the San Jose and Santa Cruz campuses. The Needle Camps started with the initiative of one of FBU’s acupuncture class faculty, Tom Dicklin. He was concerned that the online delivery of acupuncture classes, forced by the pandemic, hindered the competency of his students. His idea was met with great enthusiasm by the Academic Dean, Joanna Zhao. Several Needle Camps were offered to Five Branches students free of charge. Prof. Zhao along with other Five Branches faculty supervised the students as they practiced acupuncture point location and needling techniques. Recently, another FBU faculty member, Shawn Smolinski, volunteered to provide a few lunchtime training sessions to review adjacent acupuncture techniques such as electro-acupuncture, Gua Sha, and cupping. He also addressed manual Tuina massage techniques and protocols. Kimberly Duhlmann, from the Santa Cruz Student Council, reported that “students were so grateful to have additional hands-on practice time as we come out of strictly online learning”.