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DAc & MAc Programs

DAc & MAc Programs

Externships (DAc & MAc)

Hands-on Learning Helps you to Refine Your Acupuncture Skills.

Externships offer you the valuable opportunity to network with experienced practitioners and gain clinical experience in a broad range of settings. Participating in an externship, you will become exposed to different patient populations, treat a wide variety of conditions, and explore new fields of specialization – a real-world experience not found in a classroom.

Private TCM Practitioners

Off-campus externships are offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners located throughout the Bay area. In a clinical private setting, you will gain hands-on experience working alongside a practitioner through a normal day’s activities as well as assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Community Clinics

In a community clinic, you will experience how Traditional Chinese Medicine is commonly practiced in China, providing acupuncture or Tuina massage in 15-30-minute intervals in a group setting. Externship opportunities include working with senior citizens, veterans of war, mental health patients, or those struggling with substance abuse. 

Customized Externships

You can arrange a customized externship with a local TCM practitioner, community clinic, or integrative medicine center. You might choose a teacher that you want to mentor with, or select a practitioner with a specialty that interests you.

International Externships

The annual Study Abroad program is a coveted international externship, allowing you the opportunity to travel to Asia to gain clinical experience at leading hospitals in China, Taiwan, Korea and Korea. You will learn from highly knowledgeable doctors and clinical experts in a hospital setting, while having plenty of time to explore the beautiful scenery and rich culture of Asia.