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DAc & MAc Programs

DAc & MAc Programs

Applying to Five Branches (DAc & MAc)

Once you have made the decision to enroll in the DAc or MAc Degree Programs you are ready to begin the application process. To be considered for admission to Five Branches University, steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all required:

Step 1: Admissions Application Uploading

Use your full legal name on all admissions documents. The campus you prefer should be clearly indicated on the application form.

Online Application Start Here

Step 2: Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $95.00, payable in check or money order. The application fee for international students is $395.00. Please indicate which program and campus you are applying to.

Pay by your credit/debit card over the phone at:
(408) 260-0208 extension 168

Mail your check (including personal check, bank draft, or money order) to:

Five Branches University
Attn: Accounting
1885 Lundy Ave. Suite 108
San Jose, CA 95131

Step 3: Supporting Documents Uploading

  1. Download Fillable Supplemental PDF Forms
  2. Fill out the forms
  3. Submit them through our Documents Uploading Services

Details of each form are listed below:

An up-to-date resume listing all previous education, job experience, accomplishments and volunteer work

One recent passport-style photograph

A one-page, typed essay describing your background, how you became interested in TCM and your plans beyond graduation

To ensure the maintenance of safety precautions and a healthy environment in the Five Branches clinics, we require the completion of a Health Evaluation. This health evaluation must be signed by a qualified primary healthcare practitioner and either faxed or mailed directly from the medical office to your preferred campus admissions office. If mailed, please keep a copy for your records.

Due to possible occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials in the clinic, we recommend receiving a Hepatitis B vaccination. A copy of this immunization record or blood test must be provided. If vaccination is declined, a waiver form must be signed.

To fulfill safety precautions in the Five Branches clinic, we require all applicants to have a tuberculosis clearance test prior to enrollment in the program. This may be done though a PPD Skin Test or a QuantiFeron TB Gold Blood Test.

Step 4: Confidential Documents

These documents below will be sent directly from the responsible senders to the following email address: 

Provide the Letter of Recommendation form to two references of your choice (teachers, employers, colleagues, and/or healthcare professionals). References are encouraged to provide additional information regarding your strengths and character traits and why they believe you would be a good candidate for our graduate program. The Letter of Recommendation form must be completed in full and either emailed or mailed directly from the evaluator to your preferred campus admissions office. If mailed, it must be placed in a sealed envelope and signed across the flap by the evaluator.

A third letter is required from students who are transferring from another Chinese medicine institution.  This letter must be from a faculty member at the former Chinese medicine school. 

Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended Academic transcripts must be emailed or mailed directly from the academic institution to your preferred campus admissions office. If you have taken Natural Science AP courses, make sure to contact the College Board at P.O. Box 6671 Princeton, NJ 08541-6671.

Please note: Additional documents are required for international applicants, or domestic students who have received their undergraduate degree abroad. For more detailed information refer to: International Applicants.

Personal Services & Alternative Ways to Submit Your Documents

San Jose
Campus Applicants:

Five Branches University- San Jose
Attention: Admissions Office
1885 Lundy Ave, Suite 108,
San Jose, CA 95131

(408) 260-0208 or
Phone Consultation Appointment
Campus Tour Appointment

Santa Cruz
Campus Applicants:

Five Branches University- Santa Cruz
Attention: Admissions Office
200 Seventh Avenue, Suite 115,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(408) 610-3882, or
Phone Consultation Appointment
Campus Tour Appointment