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DAc & MAc Programs

DAc & MAc Programs

Why Five Branches?

The Doctor of Acupuncture and Master of Acupuncture (DAc & MAc) Degree Programs is a unique opportunity to focus on the extraordinary modality of acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is an ancient medical modality that is appreciated as both a complex science and form of art.  An education in acupuncture spans across modern and ancient disciplines, woven together to form an effective, integrative medicine practice.

Acupuncture is a discipline that requires focus and dedication to develop refined and highly effective clinical results.  An integral part of the study is developing an awareness and energetic sensitivity, alongside medical knowledge.  

In the DAc or MAc program, you develop hands-on skills from traditional practitioners, and receive an education that prepares you for professional success in the growing field of integrative medicine. Whether your goal is to develop a private acupuncture practice, serve patients with limited access to acupuncture, or use Chinese medicine in conventional settings like hospitals, Five Branches is here for you.

Upon completion of one of the programs, you will earn either the Doctor of Acupuncture or Master of Acupuncture, which is required for you to pass your board examination to become a professionally trained acupuncturist. 

This three-year professional graduate degree program, comprising 2647.5 hours (149 units), is taught on a trimester basis in English only at our Santa Cruz and San Jose campuses. 

Become a Highly-Skilled Acupuncturist

From the first day you begin the programs, you will work closely with expert faculty practitioners to receive hands-on clinical training, treating a wide range of patients with a variety of medical conditions.

The DAc & MAc curriculums offer comprehensive instruction and practical clinical experience in both traditional and modern techniques of acupuncture. These programs integrate TCM research, Western biomedicine, and clinical training into a seamless academic experience.

The cornerstone of the DAc & MAc programs is its distinguished faculty and the high-quality instruction they provide. In the classroom, they will carefully craft your course of study to help you become a highly-skilled acupuncturist in a modern healthcare environment.