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DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

Western Medicine

Department Chair: Alan Wong, M.D.

Modern practitioners of TCM must have a fundamental understanding of Western medicine to effectively communicate with medical doctors and other healthcare professionals. Western Medicine studies are an integral part of the curriculum providing knowledge of Western diagnosis and pharmaceuticals, necessary to make appropriate referrals, and to provide the best care possible for your patients. Introduced to the basic methods of Western diagnosis, you will learn the fundamental vocabulary used in diagnostic analysis and the clinical methods used in Western medical approaches to disease. With this knowledge, you can become an active part of today’s dynamic healthcare network.

Our Western medicine department is enhanced by our educational and clinical relationship with Stanford University and the doctoral residency program we have with Stanford and O’Connor hospital. These professional relationships not only benefit you as a student but also contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of TCM in the West.

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There are no electives in this department.