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DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

Why Five Branches?

At Five Branches, we understand that the pursuit of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a career and life path requires a unique dedication to study. 

As you learn TCM, you will become immersed in a process that has evolved from thousands of years of discovery, study, practice and refinement of a profound system of medicine. You will be encouraged to explore “medicine” outside of the ordinary worldview. 

As you examine your life, the environment, and the lives of your patients through the potent lens of Chinese medicine the doorway to becoming a true TCM practitioner opens. 

We support you through this process, providing the necessary academic and administrative structures, as well as the guidance and understanding to help you discover your individualized path to learning, and expand your capacity for both intellectual and personal growth.

Like the hero’s journey, discovering your bright potential and developing it into a successful career, is a rite of passage that Five Branches is proud to offer.

Engaging in the study of Chinese medicine offers you a promising career as well as the pathway to discover your deep values, and a true connection to health and well-being.